Swarna Jha Vision: Can Canada?

Can Canada?
Swarna Jha

For sometime now, I have been seeing a vision about America-VISION: AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY----SCRIPTED CHAOS.

I am not led at this time to share that entire vision, now.

In that vision, I saw Canadian political leaders look sometimes amused and other times bemused and alarmed at the American foreign policies that were emerging within that vision.

Then around 14th November, I saw this vision of Canada. Inspite of all I share here, it is but a brief glimpse.

The vision began with that same amused and other times bemused and alarmed look of the Canadian political leaders, towards the American foreign policies.

I saw that from over the Canada –America border, crimes/criminals and virus and things unsavory, from the land of America were entering Canada.

I saw some people with ill-intent in America, look at Canada, and to them the grass appeared greener on the Canadian side, and some were bringing in legally, ‘projects’, whilst others were smuggling in crimes/criminals and Virus, and the key word seemed to be-CHEATING.
Whatever was being done by these was to cheat Canadians, as a nation, as a people, as individuals.

Canada was becoming a ‘dumping ground’ of sorts, for that which was unacceptable / impermissible in America.

Without a doubt, Canada is to be a safe refuge for some innocent people, but here there were unsavory elements making their base in Canada. Canada was becoming a much sought after ‘safe haven.’ The discerning in the government saw/sensed this and stricter laws were being planned/drafted/passed.

I saw some astute politicians watching American foreign policy and economy more closely than others. At times the discerning leaders were alarmed, at the political twists and turns of American foreign/economic policies. This was sending alarm bells within them. In wisdom they chose to warn the nation to prepare an across- the- nation Canadian stand, on such matters, for they foresaw that the fall-out/ back lash of such policies would directly and indirectly affect Canada.

Spiritually too, those obedient to the Lord saw the increasing harlotry and filth in the 'church' in America and more and more were setting about warning against the imports of such heresies and false doctrines, and calling for repentance.


I saw a strange thing happening. The ‘American immigrant’ who crossed the borders to seek greener pastures was being eyed suspiciously by many Canadians, (no matter what their color), in much the same way that Americans view their Mexican immigrants.

Though no formal situation warranted it, ‘refugees’ from America were coming, and not all were welcome. I saw the antennae of the Canadians go up. They were puzzled / alarmed at the influx.

Whilst within the vision, I saw Canada make rather mild if any responses to various issues, and at no time , within the vision, deliberately provoke America or oppose just for the sake of opposition, yet I saw Canada take some very firm steps to confront America and rebuke the U.S.A. on some issues.

“ JUDAS, JUDAS, JUDAS”, came the shrill cries from America, “ Canada a long-standing friend and neighbor has betrayed us, stabbed us in the back, sold us for 30 shekels of silver……….…..JUDAS………..”.

The rest of the world along with Canada could see that America was changing. But for Canada, with a‘changing’ nation at it’s doorstep, being time after time, issue after issue, challenged to in some cases distance itself from ‘American madness’, this was a time such as the nation nor it’s people had ever seen before.

In the past, Canada had been seen as a nation that walked in the shadow of it’s neighbor’s wings. Internationally it did not have a distinct identity as a nation with a mind of it’s own. ‘Naive, simple Canada’ is what the distant shores perceived of Canada.

But now Canada would be stretched. Canada's heart and mind would be revealed through it's policies, and the watchers in the international arena, were watching.

How long would Canada stand by and watch the episodic madness of it’s neighbor? How long would their own ape their neighbors and leave the ‘grown up’ issues for the ‘big brother’ to solve, whilst Canada stood by mute, or simply nodding it’s political head?

Those in Canada who understood the times and what Canada must do in this hour were already grouping, as were ‘ole America faithfuls’.

Whilst the former saw the need to change and adapt, and be more pro-active the latter wanted to change not a thing but cling to it’s neighbor’s petticoat.
The latter wanted to ‘bail’ out ‘big brother’, “Well” their logic was, “what’re neighbors for?”

What are neighbors for, would be a matter of much debate and wringing of hands, in Canada.

Within the vision I saw that Canada, in such a scenario, would have to emerge from it’s internationally viewed ‘semi-retirement’ lifestyle and make some crucial stands.

Within this vision I saw that change had already come to Canada. The undercurrents were being felt by the discerning in Canada, and it appeared in this vision that if Canada and it’s people did not prepare for change, they would be overwhelmed and much division and diversity of thoughts and what Canada must do in this hour, will cause confusion and polarize camps in Canada.

I saw many in Canada, wanting not to ‘rock the boat’, they wanted to maintain the status quo, and be far as was possible, ‘neutral’. They did not want change. They knew not that the more they resisted, the more change would be thrust upon them. But leaders were being raised up to tell Canada what it must do in these times.

I saw upheaval in the minds of Political Canada.

Canada was wondering. Canada was pondering. Canada was wringing it’s political hands in anguish at times.

Many understood that political Canada could not go on with old style policy making, nor think that they could be ‘neutral’ as Switzerland was in the war. ‘Neutrality’ in some issues, though would save the day, the discerning in Canada, it appeared in the vision, understood that their nation needed to prepare for spiritual/ social / political / economic upheavals, caused oft times due to it's geographical/relational proximity with it's neighbor, America.

Key spiritual/political leaders understood that Canada must prepare prepare prepare.

They understood that a prepared Canada would make an indelible mark in the international arena. The time had come to re-think/re-design positions, alliances, and roles in memberships of major ‘international clubs’ such as the Commonwealth etc, and take some firm, unwavering stands.

Canada was learning to her dismay that her ‘old tried tested ways’ were now fast becoming obsolete.

Some key influential French Canadians saw the changes in America, and wondered what all the fuss was about in Canada, and said, “ C’est bon”.

Non, Monsieur, C’est pas bon.

The question that was niggling the Canadian people, was, “ What does a good neighbor do?”

Does a good neighbor only pamper, or does it need to admonish, correct, and draw the line somewhere?

The Church in Canada was faced with the challenge of ‘calling it a day’, and pull down the shutters on suspect doctrines emanating from America. Canadian watchmen shouted warnings from the walls, but harlotry was so deeply embedded in the ‘fun church’, that though they knew, though they heard the warnings, yet they did not hearken unto the Voice of the Lord. Leaders that arose from such a harlot base would try and influence the nation, and ‘pull some ‘christian’ chords’, to it’s own detriment.

The discerning would not fall for it.

Canada was rising on many occasions to help the Church and nation of America. At times I saw Canada bend over backwards to help America, when others wouldn't or couldn't.
Because of it’s geographical proximity much help would have to flow from Canada.

But there were intense times when Canada numbly saw itself as but a geographical neighbor with little it could do to help her neighbor, whose demands were at times atrocious, it’s people ungrateful for that which Canada had already done and was doing for America, sometimes overtly, and other times behind-the-scenes.

The ever increase in weak 'church' and State leadership in America, was making Canada pull it's hair in sheer frustration. In the past, Canada had had a long experience in supporting a strong America, with leaders who at least seemed to know what they were doing. But to Canada's dismay, it's people will ask, " But does America know what it's doing or where it's heading anymore, and if we follow will we not fall into a pit?"

I saw within the vision that, the effects of the shattering of the 'American dream' was closely felt by Canada.

Expenses were rising, governmental spending was rising, as Canada took overt and covert steps to protect it's people, it's nation, from inevitable or possible fall-outs/overspills from the not-so-wise decisions of it's neighboring nation or it's people, en masse.

Whilst certain acts of the nation of America and it's people were adversely affecting Canada, who resented 'footing the bill', for the effect such 'acts' were having upon their own nation; it also appeared that quite often the nation of Canada, though it could not always remain untouched by the events spilling over the borders, yet it remained essentially unharmed by most of the dramatic events in America. Though the nation appeared to be paying a 'cost' in all this, certain adverse looking events were really a blessing in disguise as they were stirring up a new breed of people in Canada.

I saw international watchers stroke their chins……….“Hmmm……….. Can Canada rise?” they wondered.

It was at this point I saw visionaries and trail blazers and shrewd men and women rise up and speak. The alert and the astute were awakened. Dormant entrepreneurial skills were rising to erupt over the horizon.
Projects/ideas put forth seemed to many as if Canada were committing 'political/economic hara-kiri. As if, Canada were trying to rise above it's station, as if Canada was being presumptuous.

I saw that whilst some Christian leaders were arising from their sleep, others were shaking off the dust in which they had lain for a seemingly long time, and were being divinely equipped to take the pure undiluted Word of God to the people of Canada and the nations of the world.

Some Christian leaders in Canada would be used of God feed the hungry multitudes in the nations of the world, miraculously, with their few fish and loaves of bread.

Oft times, it's neighbor America, would pat Canada on the shoulder and say condescendingly, on matters be they spiritual/political/economical etc " there there boy, you got ants in your pants? Why are jumping about so much? The game you're trying to join in, is for the big boys, let big brother handle it, why do you want to jump into the fray and hurt yourself? 'Can Canada? No way! Just look at you.............No, Canada can't"."

This attitude of America though at times seemed to hurt Canada, it actually worked to the national good, for it stirred a positive outrage in the hearts of many Canadians and they said...........
"Can Canada....? YES CANADA CAN!"

Actually within the vision I saw that America lost many opportunities due to it's under-estimation of Canada's capabilities. America was right to think that in the physical Canada really seemed like she could'nt rise to any great height, above where she already stood, but many so-called 'key' folk in Americacould not 'see' the 'divine enabling of Canada'. At times it would seem to America and the world, that an 'overnight' change/transformation of Canada had taken place.

The question that arose frequently at several different times within the vision was:
" Can Canada........."

Would Canada remain seated in it's stuffed chair by the fireside, or would Canada rise up?

Canada would need divine wisdom to seize opportunities to build, expand, establish and with due ethics, even take full advantage of the situation/events that unfurled. Canada would have ample opportunities to turn such situations and events in her favor. Areas in which Canada had never hithertofore seen itself as a leader/or as a market or base for such things, and therefore never even bothered to discuss such areas/or walk down such avenues, now Canada was surprising herself. Now Canada would explore avenues hithertofore unexplored.

The discerning and the shrewd in Canada were dreaming great dreams.

Their eyes were open to see what the nation could not see, or grasp or even fathom.

We can see" they muttered to themselves, " But can Canada...?"

Oft times such leaders despaired........why couldn't Canada see ?

I saw discussions in Canada, on topics the people hithertofore had never thought to broach.

Even if Canada wanted to sit still, it could not, the undercurrents were getting too hard to ignore

As the vision concluded, I saw again those international watchers stroke their chins, and nod their heads and speculate……….

Hmmm……….. Can Canada rise?” they asked, with curious excitement.
Swarna Jha