Vision: Sea-Change

Pressing Toward the Goal - Sea-Change


Jesus was standing by a river and as I watched He turned to me, held out His hand and said, "Come."

I followed Him as He led me into a dark hall with curved walls of stone and a door that looked medieval with the way the wood was formed with iron hinges, nails and handle.  He opened the door and we went into a dingy, dimly-lit room.  The first thing I saw was a man lying on a table in the centre of the room.  He was extremely thin, his face had a grey pallor and I knew he was either dead or very close to it.  His eyes were barely open and the bones of his cheeks were prominent.  I also noticed he was wearing shabby clothing indicative of the early 19th century with a dirty white neckcloth.  He was older but his illness made it difficult to guess his age.

I asked the Lord, 'Who is this man?"

The Lord replied, "Seymour."

That was all He said.  I glanced around the room and noticed there were boxy looking things on benches but they were draped in brown and covered in dust.

Jesus moved toward the end of the room, opposite to where we'd entered,  and I followed Him, relieved to move out of this sad and rather awful place.  The end of the room opened up into a beautiful vista of the sea.  Jesus walked a little further and stood on the edge of a cliff looking out to sea and waited for me to come up beside Him.   When I stood next to Him he raised His arm with a bit of a flourish as if presenting the view to me and then He said,

"See More."

The play on words/name made me smile slightly.

Jesus then said,  "Behold."

He raised His hand and pointed to the sea and it began to churn with dark, grey waves roiling into the shore below.  We watched for a time and then He began to walk away from the cliff's edge through shore grasses.  Again, I followed Him until we came to a very weathered beach hut.  It had a ledge and looked as if it had been used as a refreshment stand at some point but had since been abandoned. 

There were two stools at this beach hut counter and we both sat down and then Jesus asked me what I'd like to drink.  I thought for a brief moment with the inherent knowledge that I could have anything I wanted but somehow I knew the 'right' answer was water.  The moment I told Him I wanted water it became the one thing I wanted most of all.

When I finished the water, Jesus got up and walked past the hut into the nearby town.  It was odd.  All the storefronts were boarded up and there was not a person in sight.  However, it was entirely pristine with everything painted white or pale sand or aqua.  The old theatre predominated over the town with its high frontage and it, too, was painted in a perfectly clean light beige.

On a building at the end of the street I noticed there was an aqua-coloured insignia.  I couldn't make out what it was precisely except for the colour.  As I looked at it suddenly the insignia came to life and swooped off the building and zoomed into the centre of the street where it formed itself into a small airplane.  It was unusually small and in the shape of a jet with an open cockpit and almost entirely aqua in colour.  I had the thought that it looked like a flying convertible.

Jesus got into the front of this plane which looked far too small for him and I stepped in behind and then we were flying.  At once we were very high and yet the ground was still quite visible.  As we flew the jet released a very large bright, white plume.   Initially, I thought it was smoke but as I looked more closely I realized the plume was made up of many, many particles all descending toward the earth.

The vision ended there.

Needless to say, when this vision concluded I was a bit stymied as to its meaning but in the hours since the meaning has been emerging.  Having said that, I am the first to admit that interpreting a vision can very easily be influenced by the person doing the interpretation.  However, I do believe I have this mostly right and I can see two interpretations to this.

I've often discovered that as time passes there is more understanding to be gleaned from a vision.  I shall update 'when' and 'if'.  :-)

First Interpretation


I believe the dying man in the dusty, medieval room is the vast majority of the universal Church today.  Christians have been fed false doctrine (ie: the prosperity gospel), idolatry in the form of materialism or gospel 'stars' on stage, sin considered abhorrent in the past is now accepted (ie: people living together without being married and no sense of shame for the sin) and there is simply no time or room for the Holy Spirit in many church services today.  The list could go on but I'm sure you have the general idea.

Christians have become starved, seen in the boney and sickly face the man.  The man's clothes were filthy and the state of many Christians is exactly that given the way they've come to believe that almost anything 'is okay because we live in the age of grace and God forgives me' an attitude known as 'cheap grace'.  (An expression used by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the book, "The Cost of Discipleship.")

As for the dying man's name, Seymour, I discovered it means 'mighty at sea'.  Not only was there a play on words:  "Seymour and See More" but the reference to the sea in his name as I was about to see Jesus stir up the water was also interesting.


Jesus pointed to the sea and it began to churn.  I thought of the expression 'sea-change' and looked that up and it's used to mean metamorphosis or alteration.  A metamorphosis is a complete change of form or structure.  I believe part of the message of this vision is that the Lord is going to effect a major, structural change in the worldwide Church.  He will no longer allow His people to be misled and underfed.   They will 'see more' and have more understanding of the cost of discipleship and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Churning water stirs up the sediment and brings to the surface all that is underneath, both the good and the toxic.  As the Lord churns up what is in the Church (in each of us) the toxins will surface and can be filtered and purified.

Beach Hut

It was here, drinking the water and transitioning from the dying man into the town that I was aware of the purifying effect of water and how we are washed in the Word.   The beach hut was a simple structure and, to me, represented the simplicity of the Gospel as well as simply following Christ wherever He leads.

The Aqua Jet

Apparently, the word aqua, which means water initially meant 'royal water'.  It seems remarkably fitting given the fact the jet was this colour and Jesus was the Pilot.   Water in the Bible not only means spiritual cleansing but also refers to salvation and eternal life. 

Vehicles in dreams and visions usually mean ministries. In this case, the jet seemed too small for Jesus,  which makes sense to me.  The ministry is not more important than the Lord!

The white plume that was coming from the jet to cover the earth below was the Gospel being carried by believers.  Each particle was a Christian going into all the earth to make disciples.

We are on the cusp of a sea-change.  The Church (believers worldwide) is going to look different and most of all, BE different.  We need to wash in the simplicity of following Christ and remember that our mandate is to 'go and make disciples.'  We're all disciples (students) and we're all learning.  As others have helped us learn, it is up to us to pay it forward.

Second Interpretation

Seymour, the dying man, is our earlier Christian selves.  The 'self' that the Lord has been purifying with various situations and trials.  Seymour represents the process of dying to self and his age suggests that it's taken a number of years for the Lord to bring this about in His followers.  However, there is a sea-change happening now and they are transitioning into revealed sons.  As He increases and we decrease we can, therefore,  'See More'.  His plan for those who have withstood the tests and trials is that they will be given extraordinary grace to bring in the harvest.

For a much better understanding of this concept read Christine Beadsworth's, "Mighty Men Emerging."

May the Lord bless you and keep you,