Pure Kernel Of Faith - prophetic word

Pressing Toward the Goal - Pure Kernel of Faith

My unfailing and constant love is ever-present in your life and has kept you safe as your enemy has attempted to destroy you.

Continue to re-build your Temple and know that I will not allow anyone  to disturb this re-building for it is My work taking place under My direction.  Examine yourself and remember that it is My will that you pass this ongoing test.  Stand for truth at all times.

Your enemy (satan) knows he has little time left but he is defeated by Me and by your testimony [the words you declare/the choices you make].

All of what has happened is working together in your life to prepare the way for My coming in you and to you.  You have declared to Me that you have surrendered your life as a burnt offering.  I have heard this and My heart is moved by this choice offering. 

With My permission there will be further sifting in your life as I purify you and leave only what is the true and pure kernel of your faith in Me.  Do NOT be alarmed for I am with you.  I will be your Defender and Vindicator.  You will know My discipline [training to improve strength or self-control or obedience] because this is My love, mercy, protection and preparation. I am measuring you against My plumbline as I am doing with all those who are Mine for your protection in the Day which is fast approaching.   

You will call upon My name and I will answer you.  I will say you are My son and I am the Lord your God.  You will be pleasing to Me and I will display My holiness in you.  I will restore to you all that has been stolen.

Be courageous for I am with you.  My Spirit is with you and I will bless you.