Olivia Reitz Long - A Violent Wind

Pressing Toward the Goal - Olivia Reitz Long prophetic.

When suddenly there came a sound from heaven like the rushing of a violent tempest blast,
and it filled the whole house in which they were sitting.
Acts 2:2

I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her My people so that
you do not share in their sins, neither participate in her plagues.
Revelation 18:4

I have separated a remnant for Myself, those who have been obedient to My will. My Overcomers, called out for My purpose. I have asked you not to just leave something, but to conquer it. But you found out it was not enough to just come out of it, you had to undergo the treatment of the Holy Spirit - to be cleansed from old religious ideas and influences - before you could understand what I Am doing. For those who chose to not remain standing due to the wilderness pressures, they are cut off from what I am doing.

I am anointing for service, priests and kings, to do great exploits and with power. I shall reveal My Sons of Glory to an amazed world. They will show power unspeakable and be full of glory. You wonder, will you be accepted or be rejected, as My Son was? Be assured of one thing, My Glorious Beloved, creation will welcome you with open arms. The world is about to see a ministry coming forth from the wilderness, bringing the restoration of holiness and truth AND a restoration of all that was lost.

Nothing shall stop My Chosen Ones. And nothing can stand before My judges, for once more I shall have judges in the land. You have wondered if you would ever leave this wilderness? You have My assurance that I have been working out everything for your good! I have a wonderful plan for the world and for you. Plans made in eternity! You shall discover that I have worked out everything in your life out to the tiniest detail.

I have taken out of them, a people for My Name. I will return again, the Tabernacle of David rebuilt - the fullness of My Glory in a people.

Yes, I have called out a people for My Name - delivering, purging, purifying and maturing them, slowly bringing them into the full stature of Jesus Christ. I am calling out My people, bearing My Name, My Nature, My Power and Authority throughout the earth. Kings and Priests after the order of Melchizidek to bring forth My Kingdom to pass on all the earth.

Stand firm, My wilderness people, stand firm - for My promises are sure! You are crossing into the promised land and you shall take the land and the enemy will be put under your feet.

Pentecost was the day the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples and they were empowered to go out to preach the good news. Once again you will hear the blowing of A Violent Wind coming from heaven and My remnant from 'every nation' shall be called forth.

By Olivia Reitz Long