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Shiloh and Adora pressing toward the goal!

The internet is chock full of news, opinions, instructions and blogs of all kinds.  Something that strikes me about this plethora of words is that we have almost unlimited opportunities, unprecedented in history,  to learn from one another.  People we never would have heard of, or from, in the past can, with a few clicks, teach us how to navigate a new operating system on our computers or show us some of the things they've learned through experience and study in their lives.  Here then is yet another blog and, hopefully, it will fill up with a few 'worthy words.'

One of the things we all wonder when we visit a blog or website is, 'who is this person'?  Do the opinions of this person have any valid truths?  Is it worth my time?  Well, I hope you find this site worth some moments of your time but that's for you to discover.

As for the question, 'who is this person?' I can simply tell you I am Canadian and  I've been a follower of Christ most of my life.  I became a 'convinced' Christian (born again) in 1973 and baptized in the Holy Spirit five years later. Since that time the path has been fascinating, rewarding, difficult, miraculous and sometimes even tedious but most of all there has always been the assurance that it IS my path.  The Lord has such a splendid plan for the lives of those who choose to follow Christ and whether the path appears to be well lit or shrouded in a confusing darkness there is ALWAYS the assurance that He is right out in front guiding the journey.....as He is for all those who follow Him.

This blog isn't just about things I write.  I am including things written by others that I've felt have a significant impact in one way or another.  You'll also see that I've included the visions I've received from the Lord.  For some Christians this isn't anything especially unusual but for many others I do realize how controversial that sort of thing is.

I generally approach life with a what I hope is a good deal of common sense so when these moments from the Lord come it does tend to take me out of my comfort zone and yet gloriously so.  It certainly tells me how much we miss if we try to 'put God in a box', as the saying goes.   I can only tell you that while I haven't had a large number of visions, the ones I have had have been richly detailed and with a very clear message.   Those I feel are of the greatest significance are on the tab bar at the top of the page.

When I am trying to have a fuller understanding of what the still, small voice of the Lord is saying I find myself doing a lot of reading whether in books or on the internet.  So often this grants that hoped-for understanding and often acts as confirmation.  It is my prayer that this blog will, in some small way, do that for anyone who finds their way here.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.


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