Susan O'Marra - The Path Is Narrowing

Pressing Toward the Goal blog - prophetic word by Susan O'Marra

The Path is narrowing and few notice.

Few even look at where they are walking, and fewer still even think twice about their next step. So many of My People walk where it is convenient, popular, safe, and easy to see. They would rather be led by their minds and their physical senses than to abandon them, and follow Me. But that day is now changing for the path is now climbing and narrowing in this hour. Few will now walk with Me who will not embrace the changes that now come with the climb.

To follow Me, one must put aside all weights, cares, sins, mindsets, fears, plans, friends, family, and their own desires. So few can completely give Me these things. So few can walk away from their own plans, visions, businesses, ministries, and training and leave it all behind to follow me. So few.

To lay aside all weights means to cast off everything that so easily besets you and causes you to stumble, and to be overburdened, and to abandon all things to My Care.

Allow Me to carry your daily load and to walk with you throughout your day. No longer allow things to pile up on you, and make you take your eyes off of Me. Stress rules over you when you carry that which I have not given you to carry. You must guard yourself more diligently.

To lay aside all cares means to be watchful of your heart.

For the cares of this world, riches, and the flesh will war with your mind and heart. It will cause you to compromise and to stumble in your integrity, to satisfy the longing burning within you. Cares will cause you to begin to worship other things, if you do not guard your eyes and hearts. I am Faithful and True. I will care for you, and be your Care.

To lay aside all sin, means to continually pick up your cross and follow Me. You cannot be carrying your cross and sinning against me at the same time. You must first put down the cross in order to run and sin. Consider your ways, and come back to me.

You must return to your first Love, and do not give your allegiance to another, for I Am your Lord. If you truly Love Me, then you must follow Me. To lay aside your mindsets means to bring your plans, ideas, all of your earthly understanding, educational training, and self-life, even your understanding of who I am, and crucify it upon the altar of surrender, and then yield to My Will. You must freely lay your will down, in order to embrace Mine. You cannot serve two opinions, or two masters. You cannot serve the world and live In My House. Either you fully embrace Me or you don’t. 

To lay aside all fears means to put under your feet everything that controls you, manipulates you, terrorizes you, and overpowers you.

Fear is only a False Reality Appearing Real. The enemy deceives many of My people through fear, and controls them by it’s bondage. Fear is nothing but Faith improperly placed outside of Me, as it is doubt and unbelief. They doubt that I am unable to care for them, and have unbelief that what I will do, will truly work. It in effect, says, I Am not good enough for them. Fear robs My People, and isolates them, and causes them to abort their destiny. Fear is the thief that kills the seeds of Hope and Life. You must put them under your feet, and rise above the thief, and take back what is rightfully yours, or you will perish in the desert places alone. To lay aside all plans means to see that you can no longer walk alone, and without My Headship. You then yield your affairs to My Leading, and you allow Me to bring you to where I am going, and not to where you want to be. When I am made the True Head, then all fear, pressure, and confusion leaves you, and you then see the path ahead as one of Hope and not trial. I created you, and know your path, and all things concerning you, so I know just what you need and when. Trust Me.

To lay aside friends means to not abandon those around you, but to submit your associations to My direction and guidance.

Few ask Me about their fellowships and friends, and few even think that it matters. You are, or become like, those who you allow to influence you. So many of Mine are unequally yoked and are defiled because they did not inquire of Me first. They get entangled in the affairs of the world by yoking with the world, and they do not guard themselves. When My People take their eyes off of Me, then they will place them on someone else. Then the bondage begins, because they took their trust and devotion off of Me and put it upon men and popularity. My People cannot be pressured by other people into doing things, if their hearts are in My Hands. It is only when they take their hearts out of My Hands, that the enemy then can come and entice their hearts, and allure them into sin and compromise with others.

To lay aside family means to walk each individually with Me, working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Many of My People are controlled by other’s fears, pride, and prejudices. Families that do not walk in their Faith in Me together, will pull at each other, and manipulate to protect their own selfish desires. Anyone who chooses to allow even a family member the place of their heart over Me, is not worthy of Me. I Am the only one who sits upon the throne of your heart. I gave you your family to love, honor, and cherish, but only as you all follow Me. Nothing and No one will come between Me and My Bride.

Lastly, to lay aside all desires is to abandon your future totally to Me, embracing My Will, and allowing Me to decide what is best for you. Few can. Very few trust Me. Few know Me and My Love for them, for if they truly did, then they would run to Me and give Me everything.

There is no lack in My House. I care for My Children. I want the best for them and yet, My people choose to go their own way, as they do not think My Way is good enough. They know better. So I have to let them go.

I will not force My Own to follow Me.

I will not force My Own to Love Me.

I will not violate their free will and choices.

My Sheep hear My Voice, and they come to Me, and sit at My Feet, and they will not follow another.

The path is indeed narrowing, and to walk on it now, means you must now begin to climb. You cannot hold onto anything and follow Me. You must let go and trust Me; For the path has begun to ascend to My Holy Hill, and only those with clean hands and pure hearts can ascend My Holy Hill.

It is time to climb.

-Susan O’marra 5-24-04 12:57 am


(vision Holly Cawfield  2008)

I was standing under a maple tree. A low branch filled with leaves was partly obscuring what was beyond but when I leaned forward to see past the leaves I saw a dirt path on which stood a very still figure. He was dressed in a long, white robe with a hood and a gold braided belt tied around his waist. I kept looking, not making a sound or a move and neither did he. It was almost as if He was frozen in place.

Then I decided to step out from under the branch and it was that which seemed to cause him to turn toward me. As he did so, I realized it was Jesus.

The He said to me,
“Will you follow Me?”

“Yes,” I replied.

So I went over to the dirt path which was extremely narrow and started following Him as He began to walk. On the left side of the path there was an incredibly steep drop and given my fear of heights I chose not to look down. On the right side there was a grass shoulder but not particularly wide, with a few rocks and weeds and then a hill that rose up just as sharply as the drop on the left side.

He walked around a bit of a bend and suddenly the path was on the side of a mountain with a very long drop below and to my right was basically a wall of rock.

I said in a very shaken voice, “Jesus, you know I’m afraid of heights.”

“Do you trust Me to lead you safely?” He asked.

I did answer ‘yes’ but my legs were shaking so badly I was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other. He moved very slowly and I knew He was doing this because He really did understand how each step was so frightening to me.

“What are we doing here, Lord?” I asked Him.

“Tell them I will be asking them to do things which will frighten them but I want them to look past their fear and see Me leading them. My path has become very narrow but if they will simply keep their eyes on Me, I will lead them safely.”


Through Christ you have come to trust in God. And because God raised Christ from the dead and gave Him great glory, your faith and hope can be placed confidently in God. 1 Peter 1: 21