Ron McGatlin - The Greatest Shift and the Next Two to Three Years

The Greatest Shift and the Next Two to Three Years
By Ron McGatlin
January 2013
Many of God’s people are soon to experience a strong sense that our entire lives have been moving toward this season of worldwide shifting of life from one existence to another very different reality. It will feel like we were born and prepared all of our lives for this time.
It can accurately be said that this world will never again be what it has been in history and as we have known it in our lifetime. Knowledge of the past history of the world would not prepare us for the unprecedented works of God on earth. The entire planet and all that is on it will be forever changed from what it has been and is now to what it will be.
The Voice of the Scoffer
The scoffer will say nothing really changes and the world will go on just as it has been for millennia. People come, and people go. Nations arise, and nations fall. Wars are won and lost. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the moon keeps its cycle, and nothing really changes. The world just goes on as it has been. Man in his limited natural mentality without God develops many philosophies and platitudes of earthly wisdom to placate human emptiness and futile existence.
Soon the voice of the scoffer will be heard no more. That which has been ignored and rejected will arise to the forefront. The failed pursuit of mankind to rule independently without God while trusting in himself and his natural strengths of intellectual prowess has built world systems fit only for destruction.
Abrupt Awakening
Abrupt awakening to the reality of the kingdom of God and the one true King, Christ Jesus, is imminent. All that lifts itself against God and His Christ will perish from the earth. The fire of God from heaven, the all-consuming fire of God, will devour the stubble of man’s foolish workings and all that is not of God in His earth.
The beginnings of these extreme events over the next few years coupled with the outpouring of the miraculous light of God working through His forerunners will awaken all of God’s people to receive the greatest shift of all time.
The Greatest Shift
This shift in and among the people of God is the disconnecting from the natural world order and the connecting to Spirit world order. The Spirit God manifesting on earth in the mature sons of God will open the way for multitudes to move from a natural based way of life to a supernatural spiritually based way of life in Father God by Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit of God. The all-powerful, all-loving, and all-wise Spirit God abiding in and with mankind will bring all things into the perfect order of God on earth as it is in heaven. Man’s connection to and dependency upon the natural fallen world order will be forever severed. Mankind will again take our rightful place of dominion on earth bringing the order of God from heaven into all life on Planet Earth.
The Next Two to Three Years
The next two to three years is the time of inner spiritual preparation to endure the extreme intervention of God upon the earth that is to come. In this brief period of final preparation, the light of God will increase rapidly among and within God’s people. At the same time evil darkness will continue to increase among those who do not seek God.
During this time of preparation, spots of sporadic manmade and natural disasters will occur at a record pace that will serve as preparation of God’s people for the cataclysmic events to come. However, in general, it will be a prosperous two to three years for God’s people. It will be a time of spiritual and natural opportunity to be adjusted and moved about. Alliances and connections will be changed during this time of preparation and many geographical locations will be changed as well.
Both from natural circumstances and from Holy Spirit unction, there will be intense division and separations among people and groups. And by the same forces there will be people and groups joined together in bonds of the love of God becoming as one loving family. Supernatural spiritual love from God will bring complete unity and agreement among the people of God. At the same time supernatural spiritual division and separation from many previous alliances with individuals and groups will occur.
Entering the Time of the End of One World and the Beginning of Another
Beyond the season of preparation, there will be a progressive increase of intensity of cataclysmic apocalyptic events that will change the face of the earth. The events described in “The Book of Revelation” will progressively come to pass and as written the world’s population will be significantly reduced in number. Everything that exalts itself against God will be brought down.
God’s remnant people will be pure and holy as Christ Jesus fully abides in them and the love of God binds them together. Supernatural miraculous works will be the way of life among them. All the world and nature will begin to be healed at the hand of Christ Jesus in His people. The New Jerusalem lifestyle will be the order and the way of the people with their God ruling and reigning on earth. The earth and the people will be a new creation filled with the light of God. All things will be under the feet of the Lord. All things will be gathered in Christ, and the glory of God shall fill the earth.
All this while the world endures extreme chaos as the fire of God cleanses the world of the works and ways of the evil one and all that follow his ways. Revivalist and harvesters, get ready and step out now! Multitudes will turn to God with their whole hearts, and yet many will curse God and perish in the same fire of God.
The Kingdom is First Within   
Today it is possible to experience the fullness of the things to come within our hearts and minds. In fact if the kingdom is not experienced within, it will not be brought forth in the world. The purity and holiness of Christ Jesus can fully abide in His people now. Individually and in groups, it is the will of God that the fullness of the kingdom of God with all of its love and power become the way of our lives now. Miracles of healing, deliverance, and whatever supernatural work God desires is reality within His people. Life without stress free from covetousness, greed, or lust or any other darkness is God’s desire and plan for His people now.
Walking in the Spirit and becoming one with Christ Jesus as He abides in us and we abide in Him truly causes us to live in this world as Christ and not as mere men. Through the preparation time as we practice walking in the Spirit, we are crucified with Christ and raised again with Him. The resurrection life of Christ now lives in us as we live and walk in the Spirit.
This is the time to move with confidence into the preparation of fully living and walking in the Spirit of God. It is not a time to wait for someone else to lead us or show us the way. By the Holy Spirit we can move with assurance into intimate oneness and commune with Christ Jesus and the Father.
We must now develop a complete trust in the leadership of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit. All other allegiances and dependencies must become secondary under the authority and rule of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Those who live by the Spirit will live in God. Those who live by the flesh or natural fallen world wisdom will perish.
Seek the Lord now while he may be found, and do the work of God now, for the night comes and will be endured before the dawning of the day arises upon the whole earth. The glorious kingdom that now abides within will explode from the pure holy people in whom Christ dwells to fill the world, in the dawning of that great day beyond the soon coming season of darkness upon the earth.
Behold the Lamb of God! Arise, shine, for your light has come. The kingdom of God is at hand.