Olivia Reitz Long - Look!

Pressing Toward the Goal - Olivia Reitz Long prophecy


"The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom, abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing; the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon - They shall see the Glory of the Lord, and the Excellency of our God." Isaiah 35:1-2

To My Glorious Beloved, now as never before, you are "seeing" that the time is nigh upon you. You have been attentive and observing what is going on in the world, and with all that is happening around 'you'.... and with your observations, you can see that surely it is almost time for you to take your rightful place, the place that I have shown to each of you...

Though the road has seemed long and uncertain, even lifetimes of suffering ... still you have stood solid, even as I directed your life in a way, that seemed 'impossible' in your thoughts, never-the-less, you have stood faithful even when you felt you were standing on shaky ground. Even then, you could never shake My words to you of your glorious ordained destiny.

I have called you into a life of obedience, obedience to My voice and to My Spirit. I called you to be familiar with My Voice and familiar with My Spirit and His leading - and with that you know that nothing else can be a substitute.

As My Glorious Beloved, you seek Me and My ways and long to hear My voice. Now you will be My hands extended. as I AM in you, and you will speak and do what I instruct, for you only do as I do. You will hear My voice for those who cannot hear My voice. You will speak forth My voice of love, compassion, direction and correction with signs and wonders following.

You have been going through a season of distractions with a seducing spirit already at work to solicit your affections and cause you to turn, even for a moment, away from Me. My Beloved - Keep your vision 'clear', this is paramount in this season. To focus on self and the misery around you, is idolatry. Wisdom is the principle thing.... Clarity of vision and seeking My face, walking in the Spirit, single minded In Me ... this is Wisdom.

As Peter, you have walked on the water but when the distractions came and circumstances welled up around you, you began to sink but yet you cried out "Lord save me!" My chosen ones, Jesus has taken you by the hand and you are all in the boat of safety. I will still ANY storms and we are going safely to the other side.

As of old, the cloud is lifting and it is about to move. Many of you have been so restless and you wondered why... it is because I AM ready to take you forth as I am drawing you all together into one place spiritually, in one accord.

Look into the spiritual realm and see what is awaiting you, for you will see victory at your door, to walk in a dimension that you knew you would one day walk but it seemed so illusive and so far away. Now as you look into this realm, you will see yourselves walking through that door and experiencing the time of release. Looking into this realm, you will see yourselves moving in My direction and as you do, you will see Me moving in your direction. Before I kept you isolated from each other, now you will watch and be amazed as I bring you together and it will be an awesome event indeed.

Look My Beloved, Look upon the scene that is before you, one that fulfills the great commission I placed on your lives. Look, at this place that was designed for you. Look, as you see MY GLORY covering the earth through you because you have learned both obedience and humility. Look, as you see that I have brought you forth one hundred percent, TOTAL ....TOTAL SURRENDER TO ME .....TOTAL SURRENDER TO MY PLANS FOR YOU....TOTAL OBEDIENCE TO ME AND YOUR HEART BELONGS TOTALLY TO ME.

Look My Beloved, as your arise with the garments of Melchizadek and Look as you witness what is now coming to pass.

Look, My Glorious Beloved and see the fulfillment of My word!