Olivia Reitz Long - the Fiery Furnace

The Fiery Furnace

"Remember how the Lord your God led you 
ALL THE WAY in the desert these forty years, 
to humble you and to test you in order to know 
what was in your heart, 
whether or not you would keep His commands." 
Deut. 8:2

"But He knoweth the way that I take; 

when He hath tried me,
I shall come forth as gold." 
Job 23:10

When My wilderness people, My faithful ones stood up and said NO and were determined to go all the way with Christ, you figured correctly that you would be thrown into the fiery furnace.  However, the heat has been much hotter than you had ever imagined it would be, nevertheless, what I did with Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, I will also do for those who have allowed the affliction in the furnace.

You have suffered greatly, as you continue to "do right."  My Son was the supreme example of suffering wrong in well-doing, for though He was My Son, yet by His suffering He learned obedience ...  For the key is Obedience... You have felt the heavy weight of your cross, and at times you begged for My help, tears flowing for days, even weeks on end.  You tried reading the Word, you tried speaking scriptures.     You felt that I had forsaken you, thinking what did you do to bring such agony and despair?   For some of you, your finances have dried up, and you are in severe financial straits.  For some, health is an issue, pain being your constant companion, you need  healing.

You read the accounts in My word of Job's testing and in the end what I did for him. You read of Joseph, sold by his own brothers and attaining to the heights of power. You have read of Daniel, who had such faith, he "slept" in a den of ravenous lions.  Of Esther, who was willing to sacrifice herself for her people.   You have read about them all, but still your pain is overwhelming.  You say, yes but those were bible saints, My Beloved, they were men and women, just like you.

You have found yourself in a place where you think there is no way out, there is nothing that 'you' can do ... but AH, MY BELOVED, this is where I want you, for you will know that it is ONLY "your God" who is able to deliver you.   But even in the midst of all this pain, I have been enabling you to begin to see the world through the loving eyes of Jesus.

My wilderness people have determined to lay hold of Christ at all cost, going on with Him - and 'with that decision' -they placed themselves in the hands of the Potter.

I called you into the wilderness, but I also said "There is a Price!" And you have paid a "high" price for the anointing I have for you.  You have had to die daily, to your fears, to your control, to religion, to your reputation, - a multitude of deaths in choosing to be a true disciple of Mine.  My chosen vessels going through the crushing by the Potter's hands.   The clay being molded and remolded.

When I took you from the wheel and put you on the shelf, everything "appeared" to go wrong.   You felt that I wasn't there and you asked "Where are You, Lord?"   So much about the wilderness, you don't comprehend.  You feel alone, you once had your family and friends in support of your decision, now they don't understand.   You say: "is it me, did I hear wrong, did I make a mistake, did You really choose me Lord?" AH, My children, even the greatest, My Son, had to go through the wilderness testing.

You have now learned that it doesn't matter what man may think - or - have need of his approval, only your relationship with Me is what matters.  

FINALLY... FINALLY... you say "If I have to stay in this wilderness forever, I will" for it's only Me that you want or need.  NOW, BELOVED, NOW, I will take you out of the wilderness.   And your heart races in excitement and anticipation and you say "Let's go, I am ready!"   But to your dismay, you see what's coming next - "the firing."

Now you are in the "kiln" and you are not alone, for it's here that the impurities are taken out of My vessels - bitterness, resentment, anger, jealousy, competition, as the fire continues to get hotter and hotter.   The persecutions come - family, friends, job and even the church. But after you get out of here, you are not finished yet and you wait, once more, for the final step - "the glazing"...  

It is here, you are afraid to step out in anything for fear of judgment. Now, I begin to poke and prod, do you settle for what you have or do you want more of Me and to finish the process?   Your excitement surfaces again. Now the separation begins. I apply the glaze, and you enter "The White Hot Glory Fire", where "ALL that Can be stripped WILL be stripped."  It is here, where the coal will be placed to your lips and I bestow anointings, healings, giftings and from this whole process of death comes "resurrection."   A resurrection to move in the authority that comes from the anointing. Sending you into the world to reflect My Glory.

What I have started, I will finish. In the wilderness, you heard My promises and somehow - and sometimes you wondered how - you stuck it out, waiting for the manifestation.  Even at this time, your GOD is still in control though everything else in your life isn't. You have come to realize that you never did have a view of "My plan" for your life, until I took you into the wilderness - and you now realize it is not your humanness that will allow you to overcome, it's My Godliness.

While in the wilderness, you have truly learned how to lean on Jesus, never to be without hope, love or strength for He has become your strength.  You know, the truth of My Love, and that I Am a God who is JUST. I AM the "ultimate power and authority" and you can be positive that I "WILL" use them.

You are part of an elite group. While you have been going through the fiery furnace, you had two choices: you could quit OR you could go on to Spiritual Maturity.  You have been noticing the subtle changes that came along the way, changes in you that you never thought possible.

You pressed into your God and the people that know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits.   I AM a faithful God, and I require you to be faithful and walk humbly with Your God. Your heart cries out for the injustices you see around you and in the world.   But haven't I said that I have overcome the world?

I AM a God of justice, hating injustice, and I will use you as My instruments to seek justice and rescue the oppressed and you will be empowered to do so - reaching out to a hurting, abused and dying world.

I say to My wilderness people, My Remnant, My chosen ones - you are walking out of the furnace, without the smell of smoke upon you, led by the fourth man for I am more real and more powerful than "any" force on the face of this earth. And I am with you all the time, 'right on time.'

{"When God permits His children to go through the furnace, He keeps His eye on the clock and His hand on the thermostat." Warren Wiersbe, bible teacher/preacher.} My Brothers and Sisters - "His eye is on the clock"

Therefore, my brothers,  be all the more eager  to make your calling and election sure.

For if you do these things, you will never fail. (NIV) 2. Peter 1,10