I Am Doing A New Thing - Olivia Reitz Long

Pressing Toward the Goal - I Am Doing A New Thing prophecy Olivia Reitz Long

"See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; 
do you not perceive it?  I AM making a way in the desert 
and streams in the wasteland.  The wild animals honor Me,
 the jackals and the owls, because I provide water in the desert 
and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to My people, 
My chosen, the people I formed for Myself 
that they may proclaim My praise." 
Isaiah 43:19-22

"But when you pray go into your room, close the door and 
pray to your Father, who is unseen.  Then your Father, 
Who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."  
Matthew 6:6
My Glorious Beloved, have I not said I AM doing a new thing?  Haven't I chosen you for such a time as this?  So many concentrating on circumstances set against them, annoyances, distractions, but still do you not understand this is not an attack on you, it's an attack on Me?  Satan has had a field day wreaking havoc, even amidst My own.  He has had his day of stealing, killing and destroying.  You must understand that this is the only way the one who seeks to walk as a roaring lion can even begin to hope to get to Me and that is through you, the very ones who hold on to Me.  Why are you so surprised in what is happening, whether in your own circumstances or of that in world events?  Why do you spend so much of your time in seeking your own wisdom?  Haven't I said to come to Me for My Wisdom?  This is where you should be at every opportunity, especially at the present time, secluded with Me for such a time as this.

Most have not understood the road you have been walking for  I had called you to a deeper walk with Me.  Many have sought to please people, but I have said "Please Me."  The cost has been high but you made the decision that in order to please Me and for your own well being and ultimately the well being of others you had to say yes to My call.  Although much is still unclear of what this all entails, you know that at the appropriate time, I would bring forth 'in clarity' , for I always come through and many times at the last moment. 

I AM obligated to fulfill My promises to you, and I will place the mantle upon you for My purposes for a lost and dying world.  But you must dwell with Me in the secret place, this is very imperative at this moment in time. For those who have not yet heeded this call, you must come now!  You will be freed of even things you have not seen that you needed free of and you will be given much more than what your mind can conceive.

You have endured the trials and the fires, the heartaches and pain, throughout your life. Do not believe that I have not seen all the pain you have had to endure for Me, you have endured much for My sake and you are about to see Me bringing forth waves of rain to fall upon you.  These rains will refresh the spirit, soul and body.  My peace shall overtake you.  You have been in the wilderness for such a long time, I will fill you to overflowing and the wilderness will be as the desert, and the parched places will turn into full bloom and these rains will bring you into your Destiny.

A new thing is upon you, the season is now fast approaching when I will place a mantle and special dispensation upon My chosen ones.  A time where the revealed word will turn into manifestation.  You are in covenant with Me and at the moment too many are walking in discouragement, despair and depression.  Am I a man that I can lie?  NO! What I promised you will come to fruition.  Is it not written when a seed is sown, the enemy seeks to rob the revelation that I gave to you, via the cares of the world?  At this moment, I AM present and ready to put your concerns at rest, but you must enter the inner chamber and be in deep communion with Me.  I have asked this of you before, many have said yes, have obeyed my command but I seek all of you to come!  COME NOW, there is no time for delay!

I AM watching over My Word to perform it and I will bring to pass that which I imparted. At times the revelation I imparted to you, the expectancy of it coming forth, is what made every day worth living, adding purpose to your life. Although you have waited so long and nothing happened as you thought it would or at the time you thought it should - and satan shouted into your inner being "fool!" with the natural fighting the supernatural, still you hung on to Me, with sometimes the last strength left in you.  My glorious beloved, I AM closing the gap. No longer will the gap between the spoken word and manifestation survive.

I AM birthing within you a new love for your Father, your God. Just as I placed a birthing in Sarah, at an impossible time, so I AM placing with you a new love in what seems an impossible time. You shall see Me and you will know 'MY LOVE'. You say in your heart "I already know you God" but I say to you, this love will surpass anything you have ever known or thought you knew and it will increase your faith and increase your hope as you place yourself in My mighty arms..I say again, it is very imperative at this critical juncture of time to be in the inner chamber with ME, this is where you will find safety, this is where you will see any remaining bondages broken, true repentance given and it's where clarity shall come forth.

Behold, My Beloved, Behold Who I AM, behold ME... Do not give any place to the enemy when he strikes, but say "Behold My God, Behold My God." Do not allow the enemy to steal your joy and BEHOLD YOUR GOD!!! In all things give thanks according to My Word. Beloved, I AM a Mighty God, I can do ALL things! I have chosen you  and I will use you to deliver My people.  Inquire of Me.... inquire of Me and I will deliver you that you may go forth.

 I have called you for My purposes. If I would forsake you, I would be forsaking Myself and that I cannot do... You have a call and a purpose and it is all OF ME - I have prepared the way and devised the plan, a plan designed by ME and it CANNOT fail. For many of you the enemy has tried to stop it by taking you out, but you have stood strong. Now, he can only "try" to foil My plans but they are MY PLANS, all mine and they CANNOT fail. So prepare to follow where I AM leading you and I promise - you will not be disappointed or ashamed.  Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit saith the Lord. I AM moving by My Spirit. It cannot fail as My Spirit is in control and is moving in a mighty way on your behalf.

Keep the Sword of the Spirit close to you always as it will be your direction and guide throughout the times to come. It will satisfy all longings and continue to uplift you as I need 'built up sons and daughters to go forth In My Name!'  Move by My Spirit, stay by My Spirit and be directed by My Spirit! Do not say I cannot do the work but say:

 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! I am the vessel in His hands! I am the vessel that He has emptied - emptied of self and filled with HIM!  I am the vessel that has been emptied of the things of the world and filled with the things of God!  I am the vessel ready to reflect His Glory!  I am ready to walk His walk and I am the vessel who will go where HE leads!   I am ready!