Oath of Office - Rich Hoffman

Vision for the Body of Christ 3/18/11
Rich Hoffman
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As I was just waking up the Lord showed me a vision of a ceremony that He wishes His Body to perform to prepare for the coming revival here in the Pacific Northwest and then around the world.

In it I saw all persons in a room stand up and form a circle and hold hands and hug one another. Then the Lord gave me these words to speak with each member present repeating.

Oath of Office in the Body of Christ

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I solemnly swear before God and man the following:

1. I am a member of the Body of Christ.
2. I promise to love, strengthen and to aid the other members of the Body.
3. I promise to not criticize or murmur and to not harm other members of the Body of Christ.
4. I promise to love, cherish and to respect others in the Body with no regard to race, color or creed.
5. I promise to listen to God's voice and to do God's will.
6. I promise to be gentle and kind with other parts of the Body in the mercy and grace given to me by the Lord.
7. I promise to build God's kingdom not my own.
8. I promise to die to self and to live for Christ.
9. I promise to not quench the Holy Spirit, but to give Him free reign in my life.
10. I promise to mentor and to rise up others to walk in the image and likeness of Christ.
11. I promise to listen and to obey the voice of God.
12. In all ways I promise to follow the path of righteousness.
13. I promise to seek to fulfill and to obey God's plan for me in His Body.
14. I promise to live and work in unity in the Body of Christ, so help me God.