This Is The Time - Olivia Reitz Long

This Is The Time

Olivia Reitz Long

For My Chosen Ones, you have faced, square in the face, your midnight hour. The enemy has sought to do you in, with every kind of attack he could throw at you and yours. But I say to My Beloved, this is the time you will see your God come through mightily on your behalf, as you have faced and withstood, every kind of attack. I say unto you, this day, your enemies will NOT triumph over you for I have promised you the same as I did the children of Israel.

The enemy has sought to derail you through any means he can, through people, through circumstances - and you know that he is lurking around you - "in wait" - to steal your joy, your peace and he 'dares to hope' - your destiny in Me.

I say unto you, this is the time, this is the season, for My Beloved to walk in "true victory" over the enemy. This is "not" the time to rehash over and over again in your mind of what has been done unto you. This is the time for you to move forward and also a time to remain very serious about the war waged against you as you always need to be on the alert for confrontation. Remember, My Beloved, he wages in the spiritual realm to influence you in the physical realm by any means possible. Remember also he is a defeated foe, he knows his end, and he knows your destiny, a destiny that will be completed, in Me.

You have gone through so much and you realize that this is the time to stand up and say NO MORE! - to have complete and total trust and faith in your God and to know that all you need has been provided through the Cross. You have learned much through the attacks, realizing that the enemy has a well-prepared and strategic plan, intended to keep you from giving Me the Glory. You now know, with all of your heart, that I have given you all of the strength and all of the courage that you have need of to be successful over the enemy and WIN. You will face the enemy square in the eye and say: "There is nothing you can do to steal my peace, to steal my joy or to cause me to stumble or fall. I know Who I follow and I KNOW that it is He Who gives me the victory!"

This is the time that you have anticipated and waited for and  there are many for you to reach in the upcoming season, who are bound - and  now as you see Victory in all that you have faced, you will know how to help them. 

This is the time to have absolute trust and faith in your one and only true living God.  This is the time to be ready at an instant's notice for what I am about to do with My Chosen Ones.   Get ready, as you continue to keep your feet placed firmly on the Rock and  as Paul and Silas, pray and sing praises to your God!  What I yearned to know was whether you would still  pray  and  have praises on your lips, even at the midnight hour and I also knew that I would not be disappointed, as I know My chosen ones, inside and out.   

Be ready, for this is the time, this is the season that you walk fully into your destiny that was planned for you from the beginning of time. Further more, those closest to you who have had war waged against them and they see no way out,  as you have continued to lift them up to Me, placing them in My hands - you WILL see them delivered from their circumstances and you WILL see them come totally to Me and walk closely with Me in the times to come. Rejoice for the complete deliverance of your loved ones, your prayers and tears have touched My heart in a way that you cannot begin to fathom.. So again, I say rejoice, for their midnight hour is coming to a close. 

As Moses said unto the people: "FEAR NOT!  BE STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!"

Again, do not look back, but live each day for Me and watch as everything around you unfolds, even amidst a troubled and volatile world. Do not be concerned as you see that I have already placed some of My chosen ones, where they were to be, this was My plan and now it is your time and you will find yourself where I want you to be and you will see provision as I give you direction in a strong way as you have never witnessed before.  Do not try to figure out the exact particulars,  just be alert, be prepared and most of all, be ready!  For at an instant, all will be set in motion.

This is the time to rise up, to rise up and take your place, the place I have prepared for My Glorious Beloved and it's a place only prepared for you.  The way has been hard, the road has been rough, you have been obedient to all I have asked of you, even though you knew it would bring sacrifice - but all of this has prepared you for this time.  This is a holy calling, and I chose you, I prepared you and I anointed you for this holy calling.  I will join you all together, one spirit and one accord -  and no man, no devil, can put you under.

This is the time to enter into everything that I have shown you and you will go forth to this hurting world on My behalf, doing feats as never been seen before. 
  Be alert, be ready, for 'This is the Time.'