I Have Not Forgotten You - Olivia Reitz Long

I have given My Beloved so many wonderful promises. My righteous ones who have been waiting, ready to move on in My plan and sometimes you wonder have I forgotten you?

  • For some it seems as though family is crumbling around you.
  • Some are seemingly sitting in darkness praying just to have comfort and peace and hopefully that there will be ultimate deliverance.
  • Some are very lonely and depressed.
  • Some have made tragic mistakes and feel they can't be forgiven let alone move forward. Some are in the midst of uncertainty and hopelessness.
  • Some feel like you are suffocating under the weights that have beset you.
  • For some there are doubts, fear or anger and you feel abandoned. Some have grown weary from the waiting.
  • Some are battling with an illness that says you are at death's door - you are in need of a healing, a miracle healing and you feel so helpless and vulnerable.
  • Some ask why haven't my prayers been answered? Why is this tremendous hurt still besetting me? Why am I suffering? When will I see an answer to my financial problems? Why don't you tell me what to do? What did I do wrong?

Some have even gone your own way and you depend on the words of others instead of My Word. You have trusted in your own thoughts rather than Me and wonder if there can be any hope that I will still use you?

Some are distraught for you know My promises for you but still you remain in a waiting mode, not getting anywhere let alone accomplishing anything for My Kingdom purposes.

Some have a great fear that you will blow it, that after you have waited so long and so patiently even when everything in you screams to move forward, still you stand - now concerned that at the moment I move you will miss it. The enemy wants you to believe I have forgotten you by besetting your mind that I won't see your needs or answer your prayers and to whisper in your ear that I AM not listening and have forgotten you.

My Beloved, I CANNOT forget you because I am a God of justice.

My Beloved, hear me and believe Me in what I say unto you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU !!! Now is the time that I wish to remove any areas of doubt - any areas of fear - any areas of anger or bitterness. Instead of despair I bring you hope. Know that through this lengthy storm that you have been enduring, where you sometimes think I have been doing nothing, that this is when I have been doing My greatest work in you.

Haven't I said that you are engraved in the palms of My hands? Haven't I said that I will make a way where there is no way? Haven't I said that I will provide for your every need? Haven't I said that I would heal every hurt?

Forgotten you? Beloved, I CANNOT forget a child of mine! When others have abandoned you in your hour of need, I have never abandoned you! Although the answers seem agonizingly slow in coming, Beloved, the answers ARE coming!!! NOT ONE PROMISE I HAVE MADE UNTO YOU SHALL FAIL, FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT! Haven't I said that I will come with a vengeance, a God of recompense? SURELY, I will come and save you and SURELY, I will move you into your Kingdom position.

The battlegrounds have been many, but still the hope in Me was always deep in your heart so that nothing or no-one could tear you from Me. For all who have listened to Me, spent time with ME, obeyed Me, depended on Me even through all your failings, and still you wait upon your Lord and you will see Me move in unprecedented power and glory upon you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. I know exactly where you are and what you are going through, trust Me, I have it all under control.

I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and you have My unfailing and unending love and My plan for your life. I will never leave you alone or forsaken. Your answers are coming and they will be the 'correct' answers and they will come RIGHT ON TIME. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and I shall come to you. Prepare your hearts for I AM coming!!! This long season of heartaches, tests and trials is coming to an end so prepare the way for the Lord!!!

"For the Lord thy God is a merciful God. He will not forsake you, 
neither destroy you, nor forget the covenant 
of your fathers which He swore unto them." 
Deut. 4:31

"For the Lord loves justice and does not forget 
His saints (holy ones, consecrated ones); 
they are preserved forever, 
but the descendents of the wicked shall be cut off." 
Psalm 37: 28

"Say to those who are of a fearful and hasty heart, 
Be strong, fear not! BEHOLD, your God will come with vengeance; 
with the recompense of God He will come and save you." 
Isaiah 35:4