I Have Not Forgotten You - Olivia Reitz Long

I have given My Beloved so many wonderful promises. My righteous ones who have been waiting, ready to move on in My plan and sometimes you wonder have I forgotten you?

  • For some it seems as though family is crumbling around you.
  • Some are seemingly sitting in darkness praying just to have comfort and peace and hopefully that there will be ultimate deliverance.
  • Some are very lonely and depressed.
  • Some have made tragic mistakes and feel they can't be forgiven let alone move forward. Some are in the midst of uncertainty and hopelessness.
  • Some feel like you are suffocating under the weights that have beset you.
  • For some there are doubts, fear or anger and you feel abandoned. Some have grown weary from the waiting.
  • Some are battling with an illness that says you are at death's door - you are in need of a healing, a miracle healing and you feel so helpless and vulnerable.
  • Some ask why haven't my prayers been answered? Why is this tremendous hurt still besetting me? Why am I suffering? When will I see an answer to my financial problems? Why don't you tell me what to do? What did I do wrong?

Some have even gone your own way and you depend on the words of others instead of My Word. You have trusted in your own thoughts rather than Me and wonder if there can be any hope that I will still use you?

Some are distraught for you know My promises for you but still you remain in a waiting mode, not getting anywhere let alone accomplishing anything for My Kingdom purposes.

Some have a great fear that you will blow it, that after you have waited so long and so patiently even when everything in you screams to move forward, still you stand - now concerned that at the moment I move you will miss it. The enemy wants you to believe I have forgotten you by besetting your mind that I won't see your needs or answer your prayers and to whisper in your ear that I AM not listening and have forgotten you.

My Beloved, I CANNOT forget you because I am a God of justice.

My Beloved, hear me and believe Me in what I say unto you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU !!! Now is the time that I wish to remove any areas of doubt - any areas of fear - any areas of anger or bitterness. Instead of despair I bring you hope. Know that through this lengthy storm that you have been enduring, where you sometimes think I have been doing nothing, that this is when I have been doing My greatest work in you.

Haven't I said that you are engraved in the palms of My hands? Haven't I said that I will make a way where there is no way? Haven't I said that I will provide for your every need? Haven't I said that I would heal every hurt?

Forgotten you? Beloved, I CANNOT forget a child of mine! When others have abandoned you in your hour of need, I have never abandoned you! Although the answers seem agonizingly slow in coming, Beloved, the answers ARE coming!!! NOT ONE PROMISE I HAVE MADE UNTO YOU SHALL FAIL, FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT! Haven't I said that I will come with a vengeance, a God of recompense? SURELY, I will come and save you and SURELY, I will move you into your Kingdom position.

The battlegrounds have been many, but still the hope in Me was always deep in your heart so that nothing or no-one could tear you from Me. For all who have listened to Me, spent time with ME, obeyed Me, depended on Me even through all your failings, and still you wait upon your Lord and you will see Me move in unprecedented power and glory upon you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. I know exactly where you are and what you are going through, trust Me, I have it all under control.

I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and you have My unfailing and unending love and My plan for your life. I will never leave you alone or forsaken. Your answers are coming and they will be the 'correct' answers and they will come RIGHT ON TIME. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and I shall come to you. Prepare your hearts for I AM coming!!! This long season of heartaches, tests and trials is coming to an end so prepare the way for the Lord!!!

"For the Lord thy God is a merciful God. He will not forsake you, 
neither destroy you, nor forget the covenant 
of your fathers which He swore unto them." 
Deut. 4:31

"For the Lord loves justice and does not forget 
His saints (holy ones, consecrated ones); 
they are preserved forever, 
but the descendents of the wicked shall be cut off." 
Psalm 37: 28

"Say to those who are of a fearful and hasty heart, 
Be strong, fear not! BEHOLD, your God will come with vengeance; 
with the recompense of God He will come and save you." 
Isaiah 35:4

Be Ready For My Suprise - Olivia Reitz Long

Be Ready For My Surprise
Olivia Reitz Long

"Even though I walk 'through' the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me..." Psalm 23:4

So many of My own are going and have been going through painful trials - you are suffering and you awake the next day, concerned of what that day might bring.  You are concerned about your here and now,  concerned about your future and the future of your country as well as the world.   A future that appears to you to be crumbling and falling apart, but I say REJOICE, REJOICE in your sufferings  looking forward to the  outcome that is to follow, not only with you but in all aspects of what I AM doing. 

Sufferings, Jesus suffered but He beat suffering, and how did he end up .... with Glory!  Are you not connected with Him?  Others say "You are a Christian, look at the sufferings and pain you are going through!" They see what is on the surface, but what they don't see is the word "through".  I said you would walk "through" the shadow of death, not remain in it and when you get to the other side, you will come out as metal that was purified by the red hot fire...  So when they speak these things to you, when they insult and ridicule you for your beliefs - friends, co-workers, the man on the street, even family members; it's for one reason and one reason only, it's because you live for Christ and believe in His standards and they cannot fathom even the most simplest part of your walk with Me.

Yes, hard times are upon you and much is happening in America and all over the world, but just when you believe you have it all figured out, just when you believe you have all the answers, your one and only true living God has a Surprise for you, one that no-one sees or  comprehends is going to happen, will happen at just the right timing, My timing!

I spoke the universe into existence with a word and I hold that same universe in My hand even now and the God of the Universe can surprise even My own.  Be ready, for shortly - perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow and perhaps not even a month from now, but shortly... in My timing!  Just as a loved one can surprise you with the most beautiful of gifts, given in love -  how much more is your Beloved  able to  give you a surprise gift that will rival anything you could ever think or imagine... given in My aboundless Love for you!

Remain in Hope, Remain in Faith, Remain in Joy, Remain Strong - even in the most difficult of moments - Remain in all of these and Pray always - for others and yourself,  to stay the course ... and ...



This Is The Time - Olivia Reitz Long

This Is The Time

Olivia Reitz Long

For My Chosen Ones, you have faced, square in the face, your midnight hour. The enemy has sought to do you in, with every kind of attack he could throw at you and yours. But I say to My Beloved, this is the time you will see your God come through mightily on your behalf, as you have faced and withstood, every kind of attack. I say unto you, this day, your enemies will NOT triumph over you for I have promised you the same as I did the children of Israel.

The enemy has sought to derail you through any means he can, through people, through circumstances - and you know that he is lurking around you - "in wait" - to steal your joy, your peace and he 'dares to hope' - your destiny in Me.

I say unto you, this is the time, this is the season, for My Beloved to walk in "true victory" over the enemy. This is "not" the time to rehash over and over again in your mind of what has been done unto you. This is the time for you to move forward and also a time to remain very serious about the war waged against you as you always need to be on the alert for confrontation. Remember, My Beloved, he wages in the spiritual realm to influence you in the physical realm by any means possible. Remember also he is a defeated foe, he knows his end, and he knows your destiny, a destiny that will be completed, in Me.

You have gone through so much and you realize that this is the time to stand up and say NO MORE! - to have complete and total trust and faith in your God and to know that all you need has been provided through the Cross. You have learned much through the attacks, realizing that the enemy has a well-prepared and strategic plan, intended to keep you from giving Me the Glory. You now know, with all of your heart, that I have given you all of the strength and all of the courage that you have need of to be successful over the enemy and WIN. You will face the enemy square in the eye and say: "There is nothing you can do to steal my peace, to steal my joy or to cause me to stumble or fall. I know Who I follow and I KNOW that it is He Who gives me the victory!"

This is the time that you have anticipated and waited for and  there are many for you to reach in the upcoming season, who are bound - and  now as you see Victory in all that you have faced, you will know how to help them. 

This is the time to have absolute trust and faith in your one and only true living God.  This is the time to be ready at an instant's notice for what I am about to do with My Chosen Ones.   Get ready, as you continue to keep your feet placed firmly on the Rock and  as Paul and Silas, pray and sing praises to your God!  What I yearned to know was whether you would still  pray  and  have praises on your lips, even at the midnight hour and I also knew that I would not be disappointed, as I know My chosen ones, inside and out.   

Be ready, for this is the time, this is the season that you walk fully into your destiny that was planned for you from the beginning of time. Further more, those closest to you who have had war waged against them and they see no way out,  as you have continued to lift them up to Me, placing them in My hands - you WILL see them delivered from their circumstances and you WILL see them come totally to Me and walk closely with Me in the times to come. Rejoice for the complete deliverance of your loved ones, your prayers and tears have touched My heart in a way that you cannot begin to fathom.. So again, I say rejoice, for their midnight hour is coming to a close. 

As Moses said unto the people: "FEAR NOT!  BE STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!"

Again, do not look back, but live each day for Me and watch as everything around you unfolds, even amidst a troubled and volatile world. Do not be concerned as you see that I have already placed some of My chosen ones, where they were to be, this was My plan and now it is your time and you will find yourself where I want you to be and you will see provision as I give you direction in a strong way as you have never witnessed before.  Do not try to figure out the exact particulars,  just be alert, be prepared and most of all, be ready!  For at an instant, all will be set in motion.

This is the time to rise up, to rise up and take your place, the place I have prepared for My Glorious Beloved and it's a place only prepared for you.  The way has been hard, the road has been rough, you have been obedient to all I have asked of you, even though you knew it would bring sacrifice - but all of this has prepared you for this time.  This is a holy calling, and I chose you, I prepared you and I anointed you for this holy calling.  I will join you all together, one spirit and one accord -  and no man, no devil, can put you under.

This is the time to enter into everything that I have shown you and you will go forth to this hurting world on My behalf, doing feats as never been seen before. 
  Be alert, be ready, for 'This is the Time.'

Strong Composure - Streams In The Desert - February 9

Strong Composure

by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves" Romans 12:19

There are seasons when to be still demands immeasurably higher strength than to act. Composure is often the highest result of power. To the vilest and most deadly charges Jesus responded with deep, unbroken silence, such as excited the wonder of the judge and the spectators. To the grossest insults, the most violent ill-treatment and mockery that might well bring indignation into the feeblest heart, He responded with voiceless complacent calmness. Those who are unjustly accused, and causelessly ill-treated know what tremendous strength is necessary to keep silence to God.

"Men may misjudge thy aim, Think they have cause to blame, Say, thou art wrong; Keep on thy quiet way, Christ is the Judge, not they, Fear not, be strong."

St. Paul said, "None of these things move me."

He did not say, none of these things hurt me. It is one thing to be hurt, and quite another to be moved. St. Paul had a very tender heart. We do not read of any apostle who cried as St. Paul did. It takes a strong man to cry. Jesus wept, and He was the manliest Man that ever lived. So it does not say, none of these things hurt me. But the apostle had determined not to move from what he believed was right. He did not count as we are apt to count; he did not care for ease; he did not care for this mortal life. He cared for only one thing, and that was to be loyal to Christ, to have His smile. To St. Paul, more than to any other man, His work was wages, His smile was Heaven.

--Margaret Bottome

The Arrow Of The Lord - Christine Beadsworth

The Arrow of the Lord
Christine Beadsworth

There is a time of being hidden and polished and refined as an arrow for the Lord’s purpose and then there is a time when He takes the arrow out of His quiver and puts it in the bow. The time has come for the sending forth to the target. This is the purpose for which the arrow was made and makes worthwhile all the time of rubbing and scraping and hammering, polishing and sharpening. The preparation was with a goal in mind. This sense of destiny is what has given the arrow strength and endurance to endure the refining.

What a sense of exhilaration as, at last the arrow is removed from the darkness of the quiver and into the sunlight, held firmly in the Master’s grip; and oh, the excitement at finally being fit into the bow! All the prophesies and whisperings of the Lord in the night season seem at last to make sense in the light and the target is clearly in view.

Then suddenly the arrow experiences something strange. Instead of being moved forward in the direction of the target, it is pulled back in the opposite direction to its destiny. It seems as if everything is reversing, although it is still facing in the same direction. Questions and doubts begin to assail this polished arrow and the tension of the bow string behind it becomes almost unbearable. The arrow feels almost backed against a wall. It can feel the tight grip of God’s strong right hand but the direction things are taking make no sense at all. The target is still in sight but growing further away by the second. What the arrow doesn’t realize is that the incredible tension in the string has stored up a large amount of potential or stored energy. The reversal is absolutely necessary to put into place behind the arrow, the power to propel it at lightening speed to the center of its target; and while it feels itself going backwards, the eye of the Archer is adjusting His focus on the target and making minute adjustments, which will make an enormous difference to the position and depth the arrow penetrates. God is taking aim because He doesn’t intend to just graze the enemy’s cheek. He is striking a death-blow and accuracy is very important.

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