Through The Fire

Through the Fire
by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman
Streams In The Desert

"So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning"
Job 42: 12

Through his griefs Job came to his heritage. He was tried that his godliness might be confirmed. Are not my troubles intended to deepen my character and to robe me in graces I had little of before? I come to my glory through eclipses, tears, death. My ripest fruit grows against the roughest wall. Job's afflictions left him with higher conceptions of God and lowlier thoughts of himself. "Now," he cried, "mine eye seeth thee.

And if, through pain and loss, I feel God so near in His majesty that I bend low before Him and pray, "Thy will be done," I gain very much. God gave Job glimpses of the future glory. In those wearisome days and nights, he penetrated within the veil, and could say, "I know that my Redeemer liveth." Surely the latter end of Job was more blessed than the beginning.
--In the Hour of Silence

"Trouble never comes to a man unless she brings a nugget of gold in her hand." Apparent adversity will finally turn out to be the advantage of the right if we are only willing to keep on working and to wait patiently. How steadfastly the great victor souls have kept at their work, dauntless and unafraid! There are blessings which we cannot obtain if we cannot accept and endure suffering. There are joys that can come to us only through sorrow. There are revealings of Divine truth which we can get only when earth's lights have gone out. There are harvests which can grow only after the plowshare has done its work.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seamed with scars; martyrs have put on their coronation robes glittering with fire, and through their tears have the sorrowful first seen the gates of Heaven. --Chapin

Oath of Office - Rich Hoffman

Vision for the Body of Christ 3/18/11
Rich Hoffman
Seen on Open Heaven Forums

As I was just waking up the Lord showed me a vision of a ceremony that He wishes His Body to perform to prepare for the coming revival here in the Pacific Northwest and then around the world.

In it I saw all persons in a room stand up and form a circle and hold hands and hug one another. Then the Lord gave me these words to speak with each member present repeating.

Oath of Office in the Body of Christ

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I solemnly swear before God and man the following:

1. I am a member of the Body of Christ.
2. I promise to love, strengthen and to aid the other members of the Body.
3. I promise to not criticize or murmur and to not harm other members of the Body of Christ.
4. I promise to love, cherish and to respect others in the Body with no regard to race, color or creed.
5. I promise to listen to God's voice and to do God's will.
6. I promise to be gentle and kind with other parts of the Body in the mercy and grace given to me by the Lord.
7. I promise to build God's kingdom not my own.
8. I promise to die to self and to live for Christ.
9. I promise to not quench the Holy Spirit, but to give Him free reign in my life.
10. I promise to mentor and to rise up others to walk in the image and likeness of Christ.
11. I promise to listen and to obey the voice of God.
12. In all ways I promise to follow the path of righteousness.
13. I promise to seek to fulfill and to obey God's plan for me in His Body.
14. I promise to live and work in unity in the Body of Christ, so help me God.

The Blessing Of Betrayal - H.L. Roush

The Blessing of Betrayal
H.L. Roush


To all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ to sincerity, and who have been wounded in the house of your friends for His sake. May this message be used in the hands of the Holy Spirit to help transform your crown of betrayal into the blossom of blessing. May the loneliness of personal rejection fade into insignificance by the warmth of His fellowship. May the Bride of Christ be made to know the reality of her union with Jesus.

H. L. Roush

The snow fell silently like drifting feathers and soon covered the drab and soiled earth with white. It had been snowing all night and I looked from my study window with a warm quiet heart on the first snow of winter. It was the day after Thanksgiving and the snowfall gave me all the excuse I needed to slow down my busy schedule to take the needed time to enjoy the fellowship of my family. We had much to be thankful for that year, as always. The hand of the Lord had been so obviously upon our lives and ministry that we could only bow before Him with grateful hearts and in the quiet knowledge that He had been the doer of it all.

The precious calm of that morning was soon shattered by the insistent ringing of the phone. It was the first link in a heavy chain that was soon to bind me in despair and sorrow; for the voice on the other end of the line informed me that great trouble had just entered my life.

Circumstances had been brought to pass that now endangered my whole ministry, as well as the potential ruin of my personal and family life, It is amazing how quickly the whole world seems to change when our circumstances change.

Truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for the quiet white of the snow now seemed to me to be only hypocrisy that covered the hard, cruel facts which I knew lay beneath its deceptive cover. The lingering joy of Thanksgiving with my family quickly disappeared beneath the shadow of this present sorrow and I sank in my chair trembling and shocked. Serious accusations had been made against me by an unknown accuser, and God knew my heart that I was an innocent victim of distorted circumstances. I could only cry, "Oh, Father, who would do this?" My prayer was answered in a few short days and with it came the deepest pain of all; for, my betrayer was discovered to be a friend who professed to love me.

For two days I brooded in stunned silence and blackest despair. The trouble which I found myself facing was serious enough but was compounded beyond that which I felt that I was able to bear by the unbelievable fact that the one who had brought this grief into my life was one who broke bread with me around the table of the Lord and spoke often of their love for me. The precious truth which I learned through that experience are the subject of this book. Our "personal" experiences are not so personal as we might imagine what is happening in our lives as members of the Body of Christ is happening for the comfort and help of others (2 Corinthians 1). It is "happening" because it is the mutual inheritance of the members of Christ's Body to share in the sufferings of the Head (Philippians 1:29; Colossians 1:24).


The withering experience of being betrayed by our friends and loved ones must of necessity come in every believer's life. I base this observation on much experience in the Christian life plus the clear and simple teaching of the word of God. It is an interesting discovery to learn that the word "betray" and its forms are only used in regard to Jesus' betrayal by Judas, except a single time in Luke 21:16.

In this passage, which is prophetic, it is used to depict the end of the age of grace and is stated to be one of the identification marks, or signs of, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The verse simply reads: "And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death." This is a terrible thing to look forward to, but it is the plain promise of the word of Christ. The age of grace is to end with a world-wide religious deception. It will be the time of the great counterfeit perilous times in which the truth will be resisted by deceit and trickery (Study Paul's words in 2 Tim. 3:1-8).

I believe that every man, in whom Jesus dwells, will in these last terrible times have his own personal Judas; for in the age of the counterfeit the false brother will be prominent. Also, betrayal is the common experience of every man whom God has ever used for His glory. Our verse in Luke 21:16 says that betrayal comes by the hand of "parents, and brethren, and kinfolks and friends." Startling, but true, and for a good reason.

First, our enemies cannot betray us. We do not let them close enough to our hearts. We are not intimate enough with our enemies. It is with our brethren and our friends that we share our hearts, Since our enemies cannot hurt us, it is our friends who wound us.
So, the Psalmist said in Ps. 55:12-14:

"For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have born it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him: but it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company."

So all Bible history echoes the fact of betrayal at the hand of our friends. Abel was betrayed by his only brother, Esau by his twin brother, Isaac by his son, Uriah by his trusted king and by his lovely wife, Jesus by His devoted disciple, Paul by "false brethren." We need not go on, for this solemn truth remains: it is often our friends that rise against us and so magnify our troubles in the Christian life. In general I have been treated with far more kindness by the unsaved than by professing brothers; and I have experienced often the crushing wound of betrayal at the hand of those who professed to love me.

This paradox may disturb and distress us, but the wisdom and love of God in it all is seen in the sobering truth that He spared not His own Son in this regard, but sent Him to His death by the hand of His friend. May God instruct our hearts in this precious lesson!


The method will always be the same. First, our betrayers will choose the time carefully. In the case of Jesus, He was betrayed at the exact moment in His life when He needed human fellowship the most (Mark 14:37); at the hour of His greatest need; and when He stood at the threshold of His greatest work (Calvary). Take heart, dear reader, if betrayal has been your recent experience. There must be great things ahead for you, else Satan would not strike at this very time. Our betrayers also know the place to strike us. John 18:2 shows that Judas knew the secret place of Jesus' retreat. They observe us and know our place of agony and prayer; and so having the advantage of intimacy, they smite us in an opportune place.

Their means of betrayal will always be the kiss. They encourage our love that they might strike us in an unguarded moment. The word of God says: "Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me" (Psalm 41:9). There is a precious word picture in this verse. The original meaning portrays a trusted family horse viciously kicking from behind an unsuspecting and trusting friend.


What became of Judas? History has written his tragic end, but lurking in the seeming vagueness of the brief accounts of his death is a drama that has remained untold too long. In order to see it in its real perspective, we must look briefly at the relationship between Jesus and Judas. Jesus chose Judas and prayed for him (Luke 6:12-13), as He did for Jerusalem that rejected Him and for those who crucified Him. Jesus desired Judas to eat the last Passover with Him (Luke 23: 14-15), loved him and offered him the place of love and communion at the table in the Passover chamber (John 13:26). Jesus washed his feet (John 13:5) and, hence, expressed to him a love that was indeed unfeigned and worthy of the Son of God. Jesus gave Judas full recognition and never revealed him as His future betrayer, referring to Judas as His "friend."

Careful meditation on the events leading to the betrayal will reveal that Jesus offered to Judas every token of love and was unwilling to disown him even at the moment of his crime. Jesus taught in Matthew 5:44 that we love our enemies and He practiced all that He preached on the subject. Even though He knew full well in advance the evil which Judas would work against Him, He demonstrated His sincere love in every conceivable manner.

In Mark 14:45 Judas agreed to betray Jesus with a kiss. There are two words in the original for "kiss." One means the kiss of friendship and one means to kiss fervently, or the kiss of real love.

Now come to Gethsemane and see the final scene. Judas comes with the multitude armed with staves and swords to take Jesus prisoner. Judas greets the Lord and kisses him; but, according to the original, not with the kiss of friendship as he agreed, but with the kiss of genuine love!

Only eternity will reveal what happened that moment in Judas' heart. Perhaps, in the flickering light of the torches, Judas sees in the face of Jesus the shocking truth that in spite of his betrayal, Jesus loved him yet, for He called Judas, "friend." Jesus is taken away and Judas cries that he has betrayed innocent blood; he had learned that Jesus' love for him was real. His heart must have experienced a crushing blow, and now he cannot rationalize his madness or justify his dastardly deed. He tries to undo what he has done by returning the money, but is rejected by his worldly friends in contempt, as not even they can keep company for long with a Judas.

His momentary gain turns to dust in his hands - the future is black without the fellowship of Jesus and his friends - he has lost forever his ministry given to him by Jesus (Acts 1:20); his habitation will now be desolate, and another man will take his crown, and Judas will go to his own place in a lonely death by his own hand. Did Judas die at his own hand? It seems apparent to me that Judas died under the force of the irresistible love of Christ. Judas destroyed himself because he could no longer live with himself or others and all of this was worked by the unfeigned love of the Lord Jesus Christ. It seems to me that the words of Romans 12:20-21 are suddenly clear:

"Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Is not the Word fulfilled that states: "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal..." (2 Corinthians 10:4).

"Charity (love) never faileth..." (1 Corinthians 13:8).

Indeed we desperately need to settle in our hearts that the word of God is true. We only give reason to the hatred of our enemies and cause to the betrayal by our friends when we recompense evil for evil.

Love that is unfeigned and unmoved because of evil worked against it will ultimately drive its betrayer to the lonely slopes of Aceldama to die.


There is another consideration in the fact of Judas' betrayal. He was chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ, although the Lord knew beforehand that Judas would betray Him (John 6:64). In my own personal experience of betrayal at the hand of a friend, the dear Lord showed me this precious truth. While in the fire of this trial, I went to bed one night brooding over this one who pretended to love me and used his profession to betray me into the hands of enemies. In the night I awoke in prayer to be answered with these thoughts: the Lord Jesus chose His own friends and knowing in advance the treachery of Judas, He chose him anyway!

He said of them that He had chosen them twelve, and one of them was a devil. I was made to thank God for that devil, as he was necessary to the ministry of Jesus, and for my betrayer since he must be needed in my life as well. What possible need could a believer have to be betrayed by friends or loved ones?

What good purpose could the pain and sorrow of a wounded heart serve? I asked these questions and found answers in the night that met the need of my heart. We have need to learn the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit in our lives, Consider the fact that Jesus was never deceived in Judas. "... for Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him" (John 6: 64).

I am sure that in every experience of betrayal in the believer's life he can look back and remember the faithful warning of the Holy Spirit. In one case, I recall I could have known from the beginning if I had only listened to the witness of the Spirit within. Who can explain the nature of the warning of God in the soul against a false brother? It is not easily put into words but all saints know the uneasiness that reason cannot take away about some who profess to be our friends. We know and experience that real wall of restraint that seeks to prevent us from giving our hearts to those who would betray us in a time of need in our lives.

We would not so often be heart-broken and disappointed by others if we would be more sensitive to the faithful One who indwells us. Do we not believe in "discernment" by the Spirit? Then why do we often brush aside the strangeness of our hearts toward professing friends and proceed to conjure up "fellowship" over all the warnings of the Lord Jesus Christ by His Spirit? When will we learn that, "The Lord knoweth them that are His"? Our business is to listen to Him in the deep recesses of our soul and depend upon Him to search the hearts of others by His Spirit. The betrayal experience brings into sharp focus the truth that public acceptance among believers, using the phraseology of the saints, doing religious works, preaching, or any other outward mark that is often accepted as "proof" of a man's salvation and trustworthiness, does not tell always the true story.

"... for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

Let us give to every man the standing which he professes to have with God but never let us go beyond the testimony of the Spirit of God in our hearts in our relationship with others. We read of many who came to Jesus and professed faith in Him, based purely upon the miracles that He performed and not upon a real heart faith in Him as the Son of God. Drawn only by the impression of His outward works, they numbered themselves among His followers; "But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man" (John 2:24-25).

Our obligation is not to open our hearts to every man who seeks entrance into our inner man, hut to let our hearts be affected toward others by the Holy Spirit Who will never fail to warn us of those who seek to deceive us. Let us learn that "fellowship" is the work of the Holy Spirit and not of man.

Let us not seek to establish it without His help or to ignore it when He has so obviously created it between our hearts and others in the Body of Christ. What is the need of betrayal? Perhaps it comes to light through Peter's words in his first epistle when he observes that the "heaviness through manifold temptations" of his readers "need be." Needed because, as he so beautifully explains, there is a future and present fruit of such heart-searching experiences.

In the future, this trial of faith, like gold tried in the fire, will be brought out of the furnace of our lives as praise, honor, and glory for the Lord Jesus Christ at His appearing. If we could only lay hold of this tremendous potential in the midst of our trials, how differently our hearts would respond to the challenge of the hour! Yet, besides this, (grace upon grace), the heavy trials of life are used to do a work so necessary to all of us; the work of increasing our love and joy in this present life. Read 1 Peter 1:6-8 and remember that out of every furnace of affliction, we have come out loving the Lord as never before and rejoicing in the reality of His fellowship.

We need the betrayal experience to learn true submission to the Lord. The greatest prayer which the child of God can utter is the prayer of the perfect Son:"... even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight" (Luke 10:21).

When we can thus cry from our wounded hearts, the sting is gone and we have triumphed; for our submission to the pleasure of the Father in our lives brings victory over every attack against us (see 2 Corinthians 2:14).

Read 2 Corinthians 4:15-18, which gives more reasons for the seeming unreasonableness of life's great disappointments. Paul gives the proper perspective to our heartaches by telling us that the attack is not against the outer man, but against the inner man. We so often tremble under the fear of what this will "do to me," and forget in times of trouble that nothing can harm us in the inner man, if we have taken to ourselves the full armor of God. These things are only for a moment compared to eternity and will one day work an eternal weight of glory. These deep waters will only serve to lift our eyes from earthly ties and "things" and put them upon the values of eternity.

The enemy would overwhelm us and darken our reason by causing us to concentrate on the fearful details of the outer experience; thus, while we occupy ourselves with meaningless worry about the outer man, we are often smitten in the inner man to our own defeat. Many a saint has survived the outward experience only to fall mortally wounded by bitterness, resentment, malice, and an unforgiving heart.

In times of betrayal let the saint first learn to gird up the loins of his mind in Christ and to appropriate the full armor of God, which is actually putting on Christ in all of His strength and might.


Consider the blessing that betrayal brings when, through it, we learn to recognize no hand but the faithful hand of our loving Father in heaven. We give far too much glory to the devil, the world and the flesh in the circumstances of our lives. We blame our enemies when we are buffeted; but great peace and quietness of heart becomes ours when we refuse to recognize second causes in our lives.

God is sovereign and He is our Father. He has been pleased to allow this to happen to us and our part is to believe that "... all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

In the blessing of this quietness, David endured with a patient spirit the cursing of Shimei and forbade any evil to be returned to him for the evil rendered. David saw but one hand behind it all - the loving hand of God working good through Shimei's evil.

Joseph was bitterly betrayed by his brothers, placed in the pit and sold as a slave only to be befriended by Potiphar's wife and then cruelly betrayed again. Placed in prison, he made friends with the butler and soon knew the agony of the kiss of betrayal once more; for when the butler was restored to the favor of the court of Egypt, he broke his prison promise to Joseph and -"Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph, but forgat him" (Genesis 40:23).

So much trouble for one man seems sufficient to mortally wound him in the inner man until he would perish under the bitterness of soul that often comes from personal rejection; but the years passed and Joseph was remembered of the Lord and exalted to the throne of Egypt in victory and the blessed secret of his sanity, yea, of his triumphant, conquering patience is revealed in his words to his brothers:

"But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good..." (Genesis 50:20).

Peter manifested this same truth in his perspective of Calvary's cross. Although he accuses the nation of taking Jesus by wicked hands to crucify and slay Him, Peter viewed it as no tragedy, saw in it no victory of Satan; but, triumphantly announces that the Lord Jesus Christ was "... delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God..." (Acts 2:23).

And so, my dearly beloved saints of God, who at this moment find yourselves in perplexity over the betrayal of a friend, admit this moment that God could have overruled it if He had wished, but allowed it for your good. Rejoice in this blessing, as He is owning you as His son and preparing you for the comfort and the blessing of others (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). He has graced your life with the glorious privilege of sharing with you the most intimate of the sufferings of Christ (Philippians 3:10).

This fellowship is with a select company, for not all are privileged to know the agony of betrayal that we might share in some degree the depth of the love of Christ. Your betrayer has meant it for evil, But God will make it all for good; and as Jesus chose Judas, since He had need of the betrayal in His own life, so God in His faithfulness has chosen our betrayers - He knew full well that if the choice had been ours, it would never have been made.

You ask "Chosen our betrayers? What good can they do for us?" You have forgotten that Judas' betrayal delivered Jesus Christ to His greatest work and put in motion the events that fulfilled the eternal purposes of God in Christ. Eternal redemption through the blood of Christ was the fruit of Judas' despicable deed! It remains a fact that our friends will not do this work for us. Only our enemies will deliver us to the pain of circumstances beyond our control; and hence, perform a real service to the saints of God. A betrayer delivered me to circumstances that changed the course of my ministry and released me to the greatest work of my life.

A betrayer worked hardship in my life that resulted in my being freed from dependence upon man and made me the Lord's free man! A betrayer brought suffering into my life that resulted in the present fruitful and joyful ministry that I have received of Christ for His Body. Like all saints, my hindsight being better than my foresight, I look back and thank God for every "devil" chosen by a faithful Father, as I might well have missed some of life's greatest blessings had it not been for them.

The blessing of betrayal? Only God could make it thus, but I have found the paradox of these words to be a reality. Betrayal, at the hands of those whom we have trusted with our hearts, can yield blessing that we are not able to contain. Through betrayal I have learned what the Psalmist meant when he sang "By this I know that you favourest me, because my enemy doesn't not triumph over me"(Psalm 41:11) Also, what the Prophet meant when he wrote "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD" (Isaiah 54:17).

Through betrayal I have learned that the strength and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life can only be worked in the blessing of weakness brought to pass by the buffeting of Satan's messenger as a thorn in the flesh (2 Corinthians 12:7).

Through betrayal we are prepared for the blessing of being used to comfort others in the same trial of faith with the same comfort wherewith we ourselves have been comforted of God (2 Corinthians 1:4).

Through betrayal at the hand of a "friend", I have received the blessing of putting in this message the precious truths which I have learned in the fellowship of Christ Jesus my Lord. The blessings of thousands who will read this message flow from the fountain of betrayal and, hence, the evil of that deed is transformed, by grace, into the goodness of God.

Through the experience of betrayal by false friends, I have received one of life's greatest blessings in learning how to love my enemies and to bless those who persecute me. These words "Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not" (Romans 12:14)

For years these were hard for me to understand and much more difficult to practice. The performance of these words are diametrically opposed to all that is in man; and the understanding of them lay couched beneath the bitter waters of savage attack by my "friends." Experience alone has made them a blessed reality. The word "bless" means to "eulogize," or "to speak well of."

The words "curse not" mean to "wish no ill." When the blessing of betrayal is realized, when we look back and see how much we have reaped in increased joy, love, grace, strength and fellowship with the dear Lord Jesus, we are overwhelmed with the realization of how much good our betrayer has worked for us. His intentions are of no concern.

It is the blessed fruit which he has brought into our lives that matters. How gloriously easy it becomes to truthfully "speak well" of him and wish him no ill. Yes, when we look upon our present blessed state and realize that we were delivered by an enemy to the liberty and largeness of the land that we now possess, we can say: "I can say nothing but good of him, for he has been a blessing to me!" Thus, like the trampled flower whose perfume rises to bless the foot that crushed it, so our hearts can find no bitterness, seek no revenge, wish no ill. The fullness of our own cups must overflow and bless the hand that afflicted us.

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To My Hurting Daughters - Olivia Reitz Long

To My Hurting Daughters My Name Is Immanuel

To My hurting daughters... I have seen your frustrations and I know your questions. My eyes have gone to and fro, looking for someone who was willing to put aside all things and you said "here am I" and then found yourself going through the fire and it's been much hotter than you ever expected. You have known what it is to be in need and you know the hurts of the outcasts for so many times you feel like an outcast yourself.

You have brought to My remembrance My many words and promises to you. My Beloved, I have heard your cries. Know that I have not gone back on My Word, I cannot because I Am bound by My Word. My hands have not been idle. I have been with you through every frustration and pain that has been inflicted upon you, for My Name is Immanuel.Know, My daughters that I have and Am paving the way, the preparations have been under way for your breakthroughs. Be sensitive to My directions, even to the smallest insignificances, because they are vital! Do not fear that you will miss Me or My direction. You have walked many spiritual miles for Me and have fought many spiritual battles and I AM pleased that even through your own pain you have been there for another sister in need.

You have cried out to Me through your tears and pain telling Me that all seems hopeless in your eyes. Although it seems as though I have forsaken you, KNOW that I Am Immanuel. Although it seems My eye and My hand have not been upon you, KNOW that I AM Immanuel. ... Beloved, I AM aware of All your needs, My eyes are upon them and upon you. Now is the time to hold fast to My promises. Now is the time to hold on to your faith. Although it 'appears' the answers are far off, they are much nearer than you know! Continue to speak words of faith to My daughters.

Continue to stand firm and rejoice in Me. My Beloved, I have breathed My breath into your lives and anything that I breathe my breath into - LIVES!!!! Know that even now, in your pain and even confusion, I AM breathing wellness into My willing vessels. This is the time that you must keep your focus and that focus is ME. Reserve your heart for Me at all costs, for the day is surely coming when those who have chosen to walk with their King through all adversities will see the might and Power of MY strong arm. My daughters, you will see Breakthrough in unprecedented ways and the time of your blossoming forth for ME is SURELY at hand. The time that you have awaited is SURELY upon the horizon in might and power.

You have been learning to rely on ME, and no other, for ALL things! You have been learning to rely on ME for even your very existence in your painful situations. And now, My daughters, "Watch ME move in a mighty way." Watch Me bring forth all those things that I have promised you. Provisions, needs met and your place in My plan. All are coming forth by My hand and because of My Word. I AM speaking forth these words this very hour. As I spoke the Word - the universe came into being. I AM now speaking forth the Word for you!

Behold the goodness of your Lord and Savior, for I can create out of the ugly and unseemly and create something beautiful. Await the appearance of My surprises that I AM placing at your doorstep. Be expectant of the gifts from the I AM launching you into going about your Father's business in a more productive way. Beware of those that tell you times are hard and you will never see the Glory of your God. Beware of those who discourage you from accepting My word into your heart, for truly, I HAVE SPOKEN and truly I will bring forth ALL I have spoken. Put not your trust in another but In Me. I have given you My Word and I have confirmed My Word. NOW, I AM FAITHFUL TO BRING IT TO PASS.

I AM not a man who would look down on His Beloved. Reach forth your hand and receive. Behold, I will give strengthening power to My chosen daughters and I will restore all that you have lost. Today, I AM calling for you to reach forth you hand and receive and as you receive give out to another of My hurting daughters. Give to those you see in need. Give to those who are discouraged. I AM calling for the process to go forth in My Name and by MY power and none shall stop it, for I AM IMMANUEL.

I want you to know these words are truly spoken by the voice of your God. Will you continue to give freely to others of My daughters in need, In My Name? Will you continue to offer a cup of living water to your sisters who are discouraged and are losing hope, even when you are feeling the depths of despair yourself? Truly you ARE receiving from ME, now freely give what you have received.

You knew that I had called you and to set your face as flint in that calling - a calling that is special and unique and one only you can achieve .... It is a high calling and one not to be taken lightly. The preparations have been intense and you have been trained in life's situations. These have not been easy and it has taken great faith. Do you hear me? You, my beautiful daughters, have great faith. My Word says that to those who overcome, I will give a crown of life and you are overcomers and you shall receive your crown. This crown will take many forms and your needs will be met and your calling sure.

My hurting daughters, ALL, I say ALL authority has been given to you. Get mean with the enemy. Do not allow him in the back door for He will rob you of the peace I have given you. You are Mine! My signet ring is upon your finger and My seal upon your forehead. Go - in the authority, GO - in the power of My Name. Let nothing or no-one come between My presence and you. You are mine and I AM jealous over you.

I AM calling you to walk forth as mighty warriors of God. Stand tall and stand strong in ME! I want those around you to see My glory in you. The world is saying , 'aha, aha, where is her God?' - but the world and the church shall see that I AM alive in you, they shall see My Glory and My love in you and upon you. They will see Who I AM and what I can do through My hurting daughters who I WILL bring forth In My Glory and they will see that I AM IMMANUEL in you.

You have waited and waited. You have wondered when will it happen? You have said "When Lord, When?" I say to you, my daughters, is the day. I AM giving you the desires of your heart and it will be a strong witness to many! You are a testimony and a witness... I AM Immanuel.

My daughters, what I have for you will be hard for you to contain. It will be like a mother giving birth. The blessings will cause you to forget these hard and difficult times. The blessings will be 100 fold, in every area and to those of whom I called you to, they will surely be blessed! You have sowed into My work and you shall reap the harvest. I love giving to My children, I take pleasure in giving to My own. Expect a harvest in all areas ... spiritual, emotional and physical.

I see faith arising in your spirit and it is your faith and trust In Me that will move mountains. Mountains are moving this day because of your faith. Debts are being paid and that which seemed impossible you will see as "possible" with your God. It is time for you to 'soar like the eagle', for nothing, I say NOTHING is impossible with your God. Rise, O' precious daughter of Mine, rise and see the impossible happen. Let no one dissuade you with their words or actions, no-one. Rise and soar O' Daughter of Mine. Let your faith soar for the day of promise is here. Give me first place in your heart always and know that I AM Immanuel, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.....

You have been in a desperate situation and time. You have tasted the mire and the desperation of many of My daughters. You have felt the desire to give up and you have experienced the feeling of going under. My beautiful servant you have tasted what many are living under....As MY SON took on the sins of the world, so you, My daughters, so you have tasted and taken on desperation... and ... just as you have experienced the desperation you will experience My deliverance. This is your testimony. You will see what I have been accomplishing on your behalf in the spiritual realm now touch you in the natural realm and you will say, Aha, My God was always with me.

My ears are listening for your shouts of joy that will arise for the gates of heaven are opening upon you. My daughters, I AM IMMANUEL!!!

"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and they will call Him Immanuel, which means, "God with us." Matthew :23

I Have Not Forgotten You - Olivia Reitz Long

I have given My Beloved so many wonderful promises. My righteous ones who have been waiting, ready to move on in My plan and sometimes you wonder have I forgotten you?

  • For some it seems as though family is crumbling around you.
  • Some are seemingly sitting in darkness praying just to have comfort and peace and hopefully that there will be ultimate deliverance.
  • Some are very lonely and depressed.
  • Some have made tragic mistakes and feel they can't be forgiven let alone move forward. Some are in the midst of uncertainty and hopelessness.
  • Some feel like you are suffocating under the weights that have beset you.
  • For some there are doubts, fear or anger and you feel abandoned. Some have grown weary from the waiting.
  • Some are battling with an illness that says you are at death's door - you are in need of a healing, a miracle healing and you feel so helpless and vulnerable.
  • Some ask why haven't my prayers been answered? Why is this tremendous hurt still besetting me? Why am I suffering? When will I see an answer to my financial problems? Why don't you tell me what to do? What did I do wrong?

Some have even gone your own way and you depend on the words of others instead of My Word. You have trusted in your own thoughts rather than Me and wonder if there can be any hope that I will still use you?

Some are distraught for you know My promises for you but still you remain in a waiting mode, not getting anywhere let alone accomplishing anything for My Kingdom purposes.

Some have a great fear that you will blow it, that after you have waited so long and so patiently even when everything in you screams to move forward, still you stand - now concerned that at the moment I move you will miss it. The enemy wants you to believe I have forgotten you by besetting your mind that I won't see your needs or answer your prayers and to whisper in your ear that I AM not listening and have forgotten you.

My Beloved, I CANNOT forget you because I am a God of justice.

My Beloved, hear me and believe Me in what I say unto you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU !!! Now is the time that I wish to remove any areas of doubt - any areas of fear - any areas of anger or bitterness. Instead of despair I bring you hope. Know that through this lengthy storm that you have been enduring, where you sometimes think I have been doing nothing, that this is when I have been doing My greatest work in you.

Haven't I said that you are engraved in the palms of My hands? Haven't I said that I will make a way where there is no way? Haven't I said that I will provide for your every need? Haven't I said that I would heal every hurt?

Forgotten you? Beloved, I CANNOT forget a child of mine! When others have abandoned you in your hour of need, I have never abandoned you! Although the answers seem agonizingly slow in coming, Beloved, the answers ARE coming!!! NOT ONE PROMISE I HAVE MADE UNTO YOU SHALL FAIL, FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT! Haven't I said that I will come with a vengeance, a God of recompense? SURELY, I will come and save you and SURELY, I will move you into your Kingdom position.

The battlegrounds have been many, but still the hope in Me was always deep in your heart so that nothing or no-one could tear you from Me. For all who have listened to Me, spent time with ME, obeyed Me, depended on Me even through all your failings, and still you wait upon your Lord and you will see Me move in unprecedented power and glory upon you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. I know exactly where you are and what you are going through, trust Me, I have it all under control.

I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and you have My unfailing and unending love and My plan for your life. I will never leave you alone or forsaken. Your answers are coming and they will be the 'correct' answers and they will come RIGHT ON TIME. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and I shall come to you. Prepare your hearts for I AM coming!!! This long season of heartaches, tests and trials is coming to an end so prepare the way for the Lord!!!

"For the Lord thy God is a merciful God. He will not forsake you, 
neither destroy you, nor forget the covenant 
of your fathers which He swore unto them." 
Deut. 4:31

"For the Lord loves justice and does not forget 
His saints (holy ones, consecrated ones); 
they are preserved forever, 
but the descendents of the wicked shall be cut off." 
Psalm 37: 28

"Say to those who are of a fearful and hasty heart, 
Be strong, fear not! BEHOLD, your God will come with vengeance; 
with the recompense of God He will come and save you." 
Isaiah 35:4

Be Ready For My Suprise - Olivia Reitz Long

Be Ready For My Surprise
Olivia Reitz Long

"Even though I walk 'through' the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me..." Psalm 23:4

So many of My own are going and have been going through painful trials - you are suffering and you awake the next day, concerned of what that day might bring.  You are concerned about your here and now,  concerned about your future and the future of your country as well as the world.   A future that appears to you to be crumbling and falling apart, but I say REJOICE, REJOICE in your sufferings  looking forward to the  outcome that is to follow, not only with you but in all aspects of what I AM doing. 

Sufferings, Jesus suffered but He beat suffering, and how did he end up .... with Glory!  Are you not connected with Him?  Others say "You are a Christian, look at the sufferings and pain you are going through!" They see what is on the surface, but what they don't see is the word "through".  I said you would walk "through" the shadow of death, not remain in it and when you get to the other side, you will come out as metal that was purified by the red hot fire...  So when they speak these things to you, when they insult and ridicule you for your beliefs - friends, co-workers, the man on the street, even family members; it's for one reason and one reason only, it's because you live for Christ and believe in His standards and they cannot fathom even the most simplest part of your walk with Me.

Yes, hard times are upon you and much is happening in America and all over the world, but just when you believe you have it all figured out, just when you believe you have all the answers, your one and only true living God has a Surprise for you, one that no-one sees or  comprehends is going to happen, will happen at just the right timing, My timing!

I spoke the universe into existence with a word and I hold that same universe in My hand even now and the God of the Universe can surprise even My own.  Be ready, for shortly - perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow and perhaps not even a month from now, but shortly... in My timing!  Just as a loved one can surprise you with the most beautiful of gifts, given in love -  how much more is your Beloved  able to  give you a surprise gift that will rival anything you could ever think or imagine... given in My aboundless Love for you!

Remain in Hope, Remain in Faith, Remain in Joy, Remain Strong - even in the most difficult of moments - Remain in all of these and Pray always - for others and yourself,  to stay the course ... and ...



This Is The Time - Olivia Reitz Long

This Is The Time

Olivia Reitz Long

For My Chosen Ones, you have faced, square in the face, your midnight hour. The enemy has sought to do you in, with every kind of attack he could throw at you and yours. But I say to My Beloved, this is the time you will see your God come through mightily on your behalf, as you have faced and withstood, every kind of attack. I say unto you, this day, your enemies will NOT triumph over you for I have promised you the same as I did the children of Israel.

The enemy has sought to derail you through any means he can, through people, through circumstances - and you know that he is lurking around you - "in wait" - to steal your joy, your peace and he 'dares to hope' - your destiny in Me.

I say unto you, this is the time, this is the season, for My Beloved to walk in "true victory" over the enemy. This is "not" the time to rehash over and over again in your mind of what has been done unto you. This is the time for you to move forward and also a time to remain very serious about the war waged against you as you always need to be on the alert for confrontation. Remember, My Beloved, he wages in the spiritual realm to influence you in the physical realm by any means possible. Remember also he is a defeated foe, he knows his end, and he knows your destiny, a destiny that will be completed, in Me.

You have gone through so much and you realize that this is the time to stand up and say NO MORE! - to have complete and total trust and faith in your God and to know that all you need has been provided through the Cross. You have learned much through the attacks, realizing that the enemy has a well-prepared and strategic plan, intended to keep you from giving Me the Glory. You now know, with all of your heart, that I have given you all of the strength and all of the courage that you have need of to be successful over the enemy and WIN. You will face the enemy square in the eye and say: "There is nothing you can do to steal my peace, to steal my joy or to cause me to stumble or fall. I know Who I follow and I KNOW that it is He Who gives me the victory!"

This is the time that you have anticipated and waited for and  there are many for you to reach in the upcoming season, who are bound - and  now as you see Victory in all that you have faced, you will know how to help them. 

This is the time to have absolute trust and faith in your one and only true living God.  This is the time to be ready at an instant's notice for what I am about to do with My Chosen Ones.   Get ready, as you continue to keep your feet placed firmly on the Rock and  as Paul and Silas, pray and sing praises to your God!  What I yearned to know was whether you would still  pray  and  have praises on your lips, even at the midnight hour and I also knew that I would not be disappointed, as I know My chosen ones, inside and out.   

Be ready, for this is the time, this is the season that you walk fully into your destiny that was planned for you from the beginning of time. Further more, those closest to you who have had war waged against them and they see no way out,  as you have continued to lift them up to Me, placing them in My hands - you WILL see them delivered from their circumstances and you WILL see them come totally to Me and walk closely with Me in the times to come. Rejoice for the complete deliverance of your loved ones, your prayers and tears have touched My heart in a way that you cannot begin to fathom.. So again, I say rejoice, for their midnight hour is coming to a close. 

As Moses said unto the people: "FEAR NOT!  BE STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!"

Again, do not look back, but live each day for Me and watch as everything around you unfolds, even amidst a troubled and volatile world. Do not be concerned as you see that I have already placed some of My chosen ones, where they were to be, this was My plan and now it is your time and you will find yourself where I want you to be and you will see provision as I give you direction in a strong way as you have never witnessed before.  Do not try to figure out the exact particulars,  just be alert, be prepared and most of all, be ready!  For at an instant, all will be set in motion.

This is the time to rise up, to rise up and take your place, the place I have prepared for My Glorious Beloved and it's a place only prepared for you.  The way has been hard, the road has been rough, you have been obedient to all I have asked of you, even though you knew it would bring sacrifice - but all of this has prepared you for this time.  This is a holy calling, and I chose you, I prepared you and I anointed you for this holy calling.  I will join you all together, one spirit and one accord -  and no man, no devil, can put you under.

This is the time to enter into everything that I have shown you and you will go forth to this hurting world on My behalf, doing feats as never been seen before. 
  Be alert, be ready, for 'This is the Time.'

Strong Composure - Streams In The Desert - February 9

Strong Composure

by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves" Romans 12:19

There are seasons when to be still demands immeasurably higher strength than to act. Composure is often the highest result of power. To the vilest and most deadly charges Jesus responded with deep, unbroken silence, such as excited the wonder of the judge and the spectators. To the grossest insults, the most violent ill-treatment and mockery that might well bring indignation into the feeblest heart, He responded with voiceless complacent calmness. Those who are unjustly accused, and causelessly ill-treated know what tremendous strength is necessary to keep silence to God.

"Men may misjudge thy aim, Think they have cause to blame, Say, thou art wrong; Keep on thy quiet way, Christ is the Judge, not they, Fear not, be strong."

St. Paul said, "None of these things move me."

He did not say, none of these things hurt me. It is one thing to be hurt, and quite another to be moved. St. Paul had a very tender heart. We do not read of any apostle who cried as St. Paul did. It takes a strong man to cry. Jesus wept, and He was the manliest Man that ever lived. So it does not say, none of these things hurt me. But the apostle had determined not to move from what he believed was right. He did not count as we are apt to count; he did not care for ease; he did not care for this mortal life. He cared for only one thing, and that was to be loyal to Christ, to have His smile. To St. Paul, more than to any other man, His work was wages, His smile was Heaven.

--Margaret Bottome

The Arrow Of The Lord - Christine Beadsworth

The Arrow of the Lord
Christine Beadsworth

There is a time of being hidden and polished and refined as an arrow for the Lord’s purpose and then there is a time when He takes the arrow out of His quiver and puts it in the bow. The time has come for the sending forth to the target. This is the purpose for which the arrow was made and makes worthwhile all the time of rubbing and scraping and hammering, polishing and sharpening. The preparation was with a goal in mind. This sense of destiny is what has given the arrow strength and endurance to endure the refining.

What a sense of exhilaration as, at last the arrow is removed from the darkness of the quiver and into the sunlight, held firmly in the Master’s grip; and oh, the excitement at finally being fit into the bow! All the prophesies and whisperings of the Lord in the night season seem at last to make sense in the light and the target is clearly in view.

Then suddenly the arrow experiences something strange. Instead of being moved forward in the direction of the target, it is pulled back in the opposite direction to its destiny. It seems as if everything is reversing, although it is still facing in the same direction. Questions and doubts begin to assail this polished arrow and the tension of the bow string behind it becomes almost unbearable. The arrow feels almost backed against a wall. It can feel the tight grip of God’s strong right hand but the direction things are taking make no sense at all. The target is still in sight but growing further away by the second. What the arrow doesn’t realize is that the incredible tension in the string has stored up a large amount of potential or stored energy. The reversal is absolutely necessary to put into place behind the arrow, the power to propel it at lightening speed to the center of its target; and while it feels itself going backwards, the eye of the Archer is adjusting His focus on the target and making minute adjustments, which will make an enormous difference to the position and depth the arrow penetrates. God is taking aim because He doesn’t intend to just graze the enemy’s cheek. He is striking a death-blow and accuracy is very important.

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