Fear Factor by Mary Clark

Have you ever had a panic attack? I'm not particularly prone to them but I had one today. I received news that almost overwhelmed me and all I could do was breathe the name of Jesus over and over again. In the midst of this I suddenly felt prompted to look at the Spirit of Prophecy website (link below) and read this by Mary Clark. Such a timely reassurance was so startling it knocked the fear right out of me.

God is so very good.

Fear Factor 
by Mark Clark
May 11, 2009

The enemy us using the fear factor in this day. He is trying his best to plant fear in the hearts of My chosen. He is trying to make you second-guess My word. He wants you to give up on Me, give up on your walk with Me. He wants you to turn away from Me. He is telling you that things will occur in your vicinity that you will not be able to handle. He is telling you that I can’t or I won’t take care of you. He is telling you that you are going to live without those things that you need and those things that you desire. He is telling you that life as you have known it is over, and that from here on a dark cloud is coming to envelop you and those you love.

Would you like to hear what I have to say about future events? First of all, I tell you that I will never leave you or forsake you. I tell you that I will supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory. I am working My good pleasure in you, too, beloved. And to be exact, right on target, I want you to know that you will prosper in Me. You will blossom in Me. You will know the wonder of belonging to the King of glory in an extraordinary way. I tell you that you can always count on Me to deliver My best to My chosen.

Those who choose to walk with the enemy may experience all of these things that he is forecasting, but those who put their trust in Me will be blessed, blessed far beyond all their expectations, and that thing that the enemy delights in touting, the fear factor, will not touch you, My beloved. Those who choose to follow his voice, listening to his words of doom and tragedy, will not know the blessings of the Lord, but will be caught up in the whirlwind of lies that he has so delightedly devised.

The enemy is trying to put fear in My beloved’s heart. He is speaking words that are upsetting, to say the least. I want My beloved to stay fixed on Me, trusting in Me to bear them along to the safety and peace that I provide. Give him none of your attention. Don’t listen to the words he is speaking out in the world today. Trust in Me. Look to Me for total deliverance and know that one who puts his trust in Me is saved soundly in every sense of the word, and there is nothing the enemy can do to penetrate the wonder of My glory that so richly surrounds one who puts his trusts in Me to deliver!!!