Vision - The Soldier Bride

I saw a group of Canadian soldiers, men and women, standing in the foyer of a building. There were only a handful of them, perhaps six or eight and they were waiting for a vehicle to come and pick them up. I understood them to be a well-trained, elite unit. As I watched, they were busy doing small things like adjusting a belt or double checking their packs to make sure they had everything. I saw one man lean over and adjust the sock inside his boot.

Next I saw a very beautiful white flower. It was a camellia and I immediately understood that as a flower traditionally used for weddings, I was seeing the Bride in these soldiers.

Then I next saw these soldiers unloading cargo from the belly of an airplane. The plane was remarkably close to the ground and the cargo door was under the wing of the plane. One soldier had to bend low to unload the boxes and then passed them to the other soldiers, rather in the way of a bucket brigade. The impression was that they were working efficiently as a team.

Next I saw this elite team individually crawling through a row of tunnels and I understood that these tunnels were under the Canadian/American border. Each soldier was in full battle gear and wearing heavy backpacks filled with supplies they’d taken from the plane.

Then I found myself following one of the soldiers as he was walking through an American city. I knew it was American because I saw a J.C. Penney sign dangling from the side of a building. The city looked like pictures of Iraq after the bombing and looting with a few stores, offices and houses standing but in very bad condition. There was debris everywhere and as I looked around I realized everything was a grey/beige colour except for the J.C. Penney sign, the soldier in forest green uniform and half of a McDonald’s arch. The other half was crumbled.

There wasn’t a person on the street except for the soldier, however, there were people in the buildings peeking through boarded up windows. These boards weren’t sheets of plywood but looked instead as if people had used any kind of wood they could find. In each of these windows I could see eyes and they were following the soldier as he walked down the street. Their fear was obvious and I understood that fear to be because of his uniform.

I knew the people needed the supplies the soldier was carrying but they were too afraid to call out and ask for them. I also wondered why the soldier didn’t offer the supplies but realized he was entirely focused on whatever his mission was.

Then I saw a young, African American man lying bleeding on the sidewalk in front of what was once a store.. His eyes were closed and he was clearly moments away from death. The soldier stopped, looked at the man and simply said, “Rise up.” With that the young man opened his eyes and lifted one arm which the soldier grasped, helping the man to his feet. This man looked completely stunned and incredulous as he stood staring at the soldier and after a few moments he yelled, “I’m healed.”

The soldier started walking again and now the young man was following him, jumping up and down as he did and calling out, “I’m healed, I’m healed! This guy healed me.”

The soldier replied, “I didn’t heal you, Jesus Christ did.” In the strange silence of the street these words seemed very loud.

Meanwhile, the people inside the buildings were still watching and still afraid to come out and the soldier continued walking down the street, now apparently looking for something else.

Then the soldier stopped at a place where the asphalt of the road had heaved from some force and a huge chunk of the road was almost vertical leaving a gaping hole in the ground. The soldier stopped and in the hole were three children. One was a little African American girl wearing a dirty white blouse and the other two were little boys in grubby, stripped t-shirts. When they saw the soldier they looked so terrified I wanted to hug them and tell them he wouldn’t hurt them. I have never seen such frightened children.

The soldier leaned down to help them out of the hole and they kept shrinking back trying to avoid his hands until the young man told them they would be safe. Although they clearly didn’t believe him they were so afraid of the soldier they didn’t fight him any longer. As they got out of the hole, they clung to the legs of the young African American man, whose name was apparently Alphonse.

The soldier opened his backpack and took out some water and some special candies that were a kind of meal replacement enriched with vitamins and gave one to each child.

At that point, the soldier seemed to know he had to keep moving. He was still looking very focused and now as he turned down another street Alphonse and the three children were following him.

We walked past more grey/beige damaged storefronts on one side of the street but oddly on the other side of the street there was the federal Capital Building surrounded by beautiful, well-maintained lawns and trees. I walked along wondering if this was an indication of government officials who had safe and clean shelter and food while the citizens were struggling on their own without supplies. (In spite of the fact I saw the Capital Building I am not sure that this was Washington.)

The soldier walked down several more blocks until he came to a two-storey, flat-roofed building with a set of exterior stairs leading to the second floor. We all followed him up and watched as he knocked on a dull, red door. At his knock, we saw a pair of eyes looking through a very small window and then the soldier said,

“I come in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

With that, the person inside opened the door and we all went into a large room with a big table in the centre and about ten or twelve people, both men and women. The children were still terribly frightened and three women came over and each took a child over to a chair and sat down and held them on their laps. In spite of the fact the children would have normally been too old to sit on a lap, these children just held on for dear life. It was a heart wrenching scene.

The people in the room were wary of the soldier but he simply pulled off his backpack, opened it up on the table and started pulling out packages wrapped in silver foil. It was food and he was giving this packets out to each person in the room. Then he pulled out some very small Bibles.
When a couple of the women saw the Bibles, they looked absolutely terrified and had tears in their eyes. One of the women said,

“If they find us with Bibles they’ll send us to the camps.”

Nevertheless, each person gratefully and eagerly took a Bible.

Then I saw a white curtain billowing into the room from an opened door, opposite to where we’d come in. There was a brilliant light and suddenly Jesus walked into the room. He immediately looked at the children with such compassion and sadness that I got tears in my eyes and especially as I saw those children run right up to Him to hug Him. He held each of them and as He did I could see them changing from terrified and traumatized children to looking rosy and happy.

All the adults had fallen to their knees the moment Jesus walked into the room. They were bent low with their heads bowed. I wanted to do the very same thing but heard the Spirit say, “Watch.”

I watched as Jesus held these children and then said to the others in the room,

“From this day on do not be afraid. I am with you and I will be with you to help you. I will protect you. You will find shelter and you will find necessary food. In just a while your troubles will be over. Watch for Me. I am coming soon.”

“Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor. The Lord rescues them in times of trouble. The Lord protects them and keeps them alive. He gives them prosperity and rescues them from their enemies. The Lord nurses them when they are sick and eases their pain and discomfort.” Psalm 41: 1-3