Vision - The Overcomers

Cobblestone Bridge by Thomas Kinkade

The Vision
I was standing overlooking a very wide valley which was really more like a plain. There were trees on the perimeter but it was mostly a grassy area. Nothing was happening and it seemed as if this inaction was going on for a long time. All was silent and nothing was moving. I was about to turn away with the feeling that I was somehow in the wrong place when I heard the word, 'Watch.'

On the crest of the hill of the far side of the valley there was suddenly light which looked like a sunrise even though it was already daytime. At first, this light appeared a warm pink colour as it began to flow across the top of the hill and as it continued to flow it changed from pink to gold. The colour or quality of this flowing light kept changing as it moved until it was an enormous mass of warm, white light entirely filling the valley.

When I looked more closely I could see shapes that looked like people but very difficult to distinguish individually. They were shoulder to shoulder, wearing military uniforms and carrying swords yet so close to one another there didn’t appear to be any differences which I understood was an indication of their unity of spirit and purpose.

In front of this flowing body of white light I suddenly saw dark beings also garbed in some kind of military uniform flying away in panic.

This wonderful valley kept filling with light until the valley could no longer contain it. I turned around and saw a village but rather than the light flowing down the street, it was flowing in the houses. Very quickly beautiful, glowing light flooded out of each window in every building whether it was a home, an office, a store or a stable.

Just as I was waiting for what seemed a very long time at the outset of this vision, so we have been waiting to see a wonderful move of God on this earth. That the light was initially pink was a bit of a question for me and as I researched I discovered that pink often represents ‘man’. This coming move of God will come through those who love Him but are not perfect. Yet even as this presence of Himself continues to grow, we will be purified until only He is seen, which is the indication of the changing colour of the light.

These soldiers, standing shoulder to shoulder, were the overcomers--those who had stumbled and been restored, sinned and been forgiven, finally taken their eyes off themselves and/or the faults of others and had learned to walk in the pure light of Christ. They moved in unison as one body whose sole purpose was the Lord’s purpose. It was difficult to see them because these were the ones who had crucified the flesh and decreased that He might increase. This is how we are supposed to look.

The light which was in them, and completely surrounding them, flowed into the village and brought salvation to the lost, restoration to the backslidden, hope to hurting hearts, healing to broken bodies, rebuilt marriages and families, joy to souls in mourning, peace in place of strife, reverence replaced the profane, peace soothed anger, backbiting gave way to encouragement...and there was love.

The Lord was there.

His name was honoured.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,