Vision - Church, Wake Up!


I saw a man, dressed in casual beige slacks and a very dark green sweater walking along a laneway. A hedge lined one side of this lane and on the other side was a view of the sea. The man had his hands in his pockets and was looking out at a sailboat through a slight haze on the water. After he paused to take in the sight, he continued walking along the lane, whistling with his head tilted back a little.

Several airplanes flew overhead and the man stopped to watch them. They weren’t ordinary passenger planes but looked much more sleek and streamlined… I think they were jets. After they passed overhead the man continued down the lane.

Then I saw this man standing in front of an old fashioned bakery. It had large, paned windows and a screen door that creaked when it opened. He stood in front of the bakery window for a moment to see what was on display and then went into the store. Inside, he ordered some tarts and the baker, wearing a long, white butcher-style apron put the tarts in a paper bag and handed them to the man. While the man was waiting for his change he leaned very casually against the counter and asked if the baker had heard the sound of the planes overhead. Because they had been so loud it was clear the man expected the baker to say ‘yes.’ However, the baker hadn’t heard a thing. The man then left the shop and walked down the street of a very quaint village, eating a tart as he walked.

I then saw this same man in a well-appointed hotel room, decorated in the American Federal style. He was in front of a mirror tying a bow tie and wearing a tuxedo. When he was satisfied with his appearance, he looked out a mullioned window to the street to see if his hired car and driver was waiting for him.

Next the man entered an extremely formal dining room. It was the type of room one sees in very old and expensive estate homes…like one of the old Vanderbilt mansions. There was a very long dining table and at each place there was a tuxedo-clad man. They all appeared to have been waiting for the arrival of this man and looked very pleased to see him as well as pleased for whatever reason they were gathering. The host came and welcomed the man by shaking his hand and asking him to have a seat at the table.

The host stood at the head of the table and said,
“Well gentlemen, we’re all here now. Our plan is underway. We’ve had a few delays along the way but I think I can safely say the plan has been launched.”

Once again I saw the lane by the sea. There was no one there and nothing moving. This went on for a few minutes. Everything was pleasant and peaceful, the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze and small waves lapping on the edge of the shore.

Suddenly there was an explosion with dirt, rocks and debris shooting high in the air.  Then I saw a huge, silver cannon. It was very shiny and modern rather than a 19th century type of armament.

I looked toward the village as if I was standing at its entrance and there was another explosion in the business area. There was a church on a hill and I watched as the steeple was blown off.

When I asked the Lord, “Why aren’t there any people running or screaming?”

He replied, “They’re asleep.”

Church, please wake up!