Vision - 1920's Roadster

August 2008

Standing by the side of a country highway, I saw a car speedily approaching. I was surprised to see it was a 1920’s roadster and very bright yellow. As the car got closer, I saw there were four people in it and from what I could see they were all dressed in clothing of the 1920’s. They were laughing and having a fine time together just enjoying a sunny day out in the country.

The car slowed down considerably as it came close to me, though they were entirely unaware of my presence. When I looked over my shoulder to see their reason for stopping, I saw a huge pile of broken rocks on the middle of the road. There was a very rocky mountain around which this road had been created and apparently there had been a rock slide. The road was completely impassable.

The driver got out of the car and his clothing was an indication of his personality. He was wearing pleated, light coloured slacks and a green, knit vest. He walked over to the rocks and with a very sincere and determined manner knelt down and began to look for a path through which he could drive the car. He was completely absorbed with the task and I understood him to be genuinely concerned about finding a solution to their problem.

When I looked back toward the vehicle I saw that one of the women was getting out of it. She was wearing a mid-calf length dark skirt and a midi-style sweater to match. I saw the collar of her white blouse around the neckline of the sweater. Her clothing indicated she, too, was a very sincere person, modestly clothed and her expression also showed a determined but gentle attitude to find a solution to the dilemma. However, now all around the car were huge piles of rock. The car was completely surrounded by them with no discernible way through. In spite of this, the woman got to her knees and began to look at the rocks behind the car and said, “I know there’s a way back. I’ll find it here somehow.”

Then the second woman emerged from the car and was a striking contrast to the man and other woman. She was wearing a fairly long, beige wrap around coat with a fur-trimmed collar, a cloche hat and an arrogant expression. As she closed the car door, she sat on the running board crossing her legs and lighting up a cigarette in one of those long holders considered fashionable in the 1920’s. She was nonchalant about the predicament and expecting the others to find a solution to it.

When I looked beyond her I saw the second man now standing at the side of the car and he now had my entire attention. In spite of the fact that he was well dressed in a light coloured business suit, it wasn’t his clothing which made him so worth watching--it was his posture. He was standing at full attention with his right hand over his heart and I immediately thought of the way Americans do this when they are repeating the Pledge of Allegiance.

He was looking at the sky above the pile of rocks, about a forty-five degree angle from the direction of the road. I followed his gaze but couldn’t see what it was he was staring at, however, since his focus was so riveted on the sky I continued to look until I saw a hand. The hand then became a pointed index finger and when I looked at where it was pointing I suddenly saw a v-shaped path through the rocks. This path wasn’t at all discernible until the finger pointed it out nor was it a simple and clean path for it would require a bit of climbing over the rubble, but it was a way through.

The man told the others about the path but the first man was too busy trying to find his own way. The same thing was true for the woman who was trying to go back the way they came. The arrogant woman just ignored him because she was waiting for someone to come to move the rocks.

So the man who saw the finger in the sky began to pick his way through the ‘v’ in the rocks and I started to follow him because I wanted to see where he was going. It only took a few steps until I saw what was ahead. It was a beautiful, green valley filled with fruit trees and a log cabin and it wasn’t even very far.

I believe the Lord has shown me these aspects to this vision:


It was set in the 1920’s because it was a time not unlike what we’ve experienced for the last few decades here in North America with abundance of materials things. The car, the clothing and the laughter while they were driving before the rock slide all indicate ‘the good life’. The rock slide represents a sudden economic mess.

Types of Christians

The more important point of this vision is, I believe, the way each person handled the trial. The first man was a sincere and genuine person but one determined to do things his own way and in his own power.

The first woman was one who wanted to sincerely find a path but her desire to go back the way they came represents doing things as they’ve always been done and that will no longer work in the days ahead.

The second woman was the selfish and prideful one who let others do the work and had little concern about her attitude. Her priorities were very material.

However, it was the second man who represents the true believer. He stood with focused attention on the Lord, not the circumstances. His hand over his heart was an indication that he trusted entirely in the Lord to show him the way through the difficulty and his trust was not misplaced when he was able to see with supernatural eyes the path the Lord was setting before him.

There is a great deal we’re hearing about what is coming in terms of some very difficult times ahead. We’re expecting a great and glorious move of the Lord but we also are hearing about the fire of judgement coming to the world. I see both illustrated in this vision.

The assurance of the Lord’s protection and provision is ours IF our hearts are given over to Him entirely and our focus remains solely on Him.

No matter whether the various trials that come our way are personal or global, the principle always holds true….

“Lord, You are my strength and fortress, my refuge in the day of trouble.”Jeremiah 16: 19


There is one other, important consideration in this vision and it’s the way we deal with sin.

The first man is a picture of the times we try to deal with sin in our own strength. Undoubtedly, our own will is of extreme importance regarding our choices but to attempt to conquer sin in our own strength is the path of failure.

Or perhaps like the first woman we haven’t let go of the past and it prevents us from moving on.

Then there is the second woman who represents the person who doesn’t even care to do anything about the sin in his/her life.

But then there’s the second man. He is the one the Lord delivers from his sin. It is this person who knows deliverance only comes from the Lord, who is willing to let go of the past, knows the renunciation of sin cannot be done by only by willing it away but only through the grace of the Lord who makes a way when we are tempted.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,