Do The Small Thing

You’ve been praying. You’ve been following Christ on the narrow path, sometimes in step with Him and other times lagging behind or stumbling. You’ve experienced some of the most difficult situations of your life, ones that have tested your faith to the utter limits.

Through all of this tempestuous wilderness you’ve been through, you’ve been alone. Oh, you’ve known the Lord has been with you. After all, if it hadn’t been for His presence, His protection, His provision and His promises through these years you might not have had the strength to go on. But those around you really don’t understand those times when you’ve felt as if you’ve been pulled through a fence backwards.

During this season of preparation, you’ve read about David hiding in the cave as he was pursued by Saul and recognized the similarities, discovering the ‘cave’ has been your haven and your prison. A haven because it’s been there where the Lord has met you in the most extraordinary ways; a prison because there’s been no way out if you’re to remain obedient and abiding.

Now there is the sound of a gentle whisper and He is speaking to you, telling you to come out of that cave.

Just as the Lord told Elijah there were seven thousand other prophets, He has given you the ability via the internet to discover there are many others of the remnant that have been walking the wilderness path just as you have. And now the Lord is telling each of us our time of wilderness wandering and cave hiding/refining is coming to a close for there is work to be done.

Waiting has been incredibly difficult and you’ve done it with obedience but you’re probably so familiar with the sound of the Lord telling you to wait that a call to action is almost unrecognizable. Or perhaps like Moses, your time in the desert has humbled you to the point where you’re ready to step aside and allow others you feel are more qualified to fulfill the vision the Lord gave you.

The key word is ‘fulfill’. This is the time of fulfillment. Look at the ‘fields’ around you because they are ripe for harvesting.

You have a vision. The Lord gave it to you, He confirmed it and then He took you through a very long season when the vision withered almost to a mere memory. He is now renewing that vision with all the grandiose ideas you had of saving the world or thoughts of fame sifted by His winnowing fork. He is telling you in the whisper of a gentle breeze that it’s time.

Time for what though?

You know you can’t ‘make it happen’. You know you have not the slightest desire to ‘make it happen’ either. So what is the very small thing the Lord has indicated you should do? Ask yourself. There’s one thing so seemingly insignificant before you right now and it’s this which is your first step. It’s time to be faithful in this small thing in order to be given a greater responsibility.

He will give you whatever you need to do this small thing whether it’s people around you who appear to be very unlikely or the material necessities to fulfill His directive to you. Brace yourself though. It’s been relatively easy here in the west when it comes to sharing the gospel in the past. Now, it’s going to be different. But you changed while you were in your wilderness. Christ has been forming Himself in you and the enemy of your soul isn’t at all pleased. However, what you’ve learned, and more importantly what you’ve become, in your wilderness has strengthened your foundation so it will be able to withstand whatever comes against it.

There are rough times ahead for this world. The warnings have given people a great deal of time to get their lives ordered spiritually to provide a safe harbour in the storms to come. You won’t be immune from the difficulties but you will have the Provider and Protector steering your course and showing you exactly how to navigate. Many opportunities will present themselves in order that you will rescue the perishing.

Your task is now before you. It’s time to work and while you do you must be on your guard and remain protected by the armour of faith and love. The Lord is setting up His Kingdom and just as when Jesus came to earth the first time, it won’t look quite like we expect--expect the unexpected.

As you’ve heard so often, He is coming in glory and in fire. The glory will be utterly magnificent, beyond anything we’ve ever known. The fire is going to be very difficult for anyone who hasn’t surrendered to Him in all things. During the time of the wilderness there was the opportunity to fall on the rock and be broken. When He comes with His fire to those areas of our lives that we refused to change, His ‘rock’ will fall, crushing each of those areas and it’s a much more painful way to deal with them.

At all times, stay in His presence and fulfill whatever is required of you by Him in a precise way for He is leading you along the path He has for your life. He will give you explicit directions and show you each step you are to take, clearing the obstacles ahead in order to fulfill His purposes.

Keep the oil of your lamp filled with His Spirit. Trim the wicks with your obedience.

He'll be here soon.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,