Then the Lord spoke to Jonah a second time: 
“Get up and go to the great city of Nineveh, and deliver 
the message of judgment I have given you.”
This time Jonah obeyed the Lord’s command and went to Nineveh, 
a city so large that it took three days to see it all. 
On the day Jonah entered the city, he shouted to the crowds:
 “Forty days from now Nineveh will be destroyed!” 
Jonah 3: 1-4

For quite some time the Lord has been sending warnings through those gifted with a prophetic anointing. These warnings appear to have tremendous similarities, which to me speak of those who are hearing from the Lord in a kind of concert--as each prophet speaks it harmonizes with what others have heard.

While these prophecies have minor differences, the similarity which runs through each is that great judgment is coming to the world and most especially to America. The Spirit of the Lord is coming very soon in glory and with fire and with this visitation of judgment will be untold anguish for us on this North American continent.

To speak of judgment is to raise the ire or sarcasm of most people. While it’s never been a welcome message, today more than ever before, it is one that is ridiculed. It’s a grave error to do so. The Lord has been sending these warnings for many years now with a patient endurance as He waits for people and governments to repent of truly evil practices. However, instead of repentance it seems things only get worse. The list of offences is very long and while most people shake their heads with dismay at government policies or the individual actions of those who murder, rape or steal, the idea of God coming in judgment is inconceivable.

I am only one small voice on an obscure internet blog and yet I know it is my duty to warn anyone who comes across this. The warning is simply this: God is coming in judgment and America is in far more danger than most people understand. The only hope….and I mean the ONLY hope….is for each person to repent of their sin and turn to God through the salvation of Jesus Christ. There isn’t one of us that doesn’t have something for which we need to repent and there isn’t one of us that doesn’t absolutely NEED to turn to God. He is our only hope of protection in what’s to come.

This is a ‘season’ for fasting and prayer.

It’s a time to seek the Lord with all that is within us.

It is a time to ‘get right’ with God.

The time is now very short.

“The people of Nineveh believed God’s message, 
and from the greatest to the least, they decided 
to go without food and wear sackcloth 
to show their sorrow.” 
Jonah 3: 5

May the Lord bless you and keep you,